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Meet Our Lovely Contributors!


Hi! My name is Astrid, a life-long graphic designer and lover of all whimsical aesthetics; a wife to one; and a very proud mother of three =) With a background in design, fashion, publishing, entertainment, and photography, PAPERplayground came about after my hosting my daughter’s first birthday celebration two years ago and upon realising my love for all things party, I decided PAPERplayground was the perfect excuse to pretty up the many special occasions in my life, and everyone else’s too =) From paperie design to party concept and all things in between, I love nothing better than creating, styling, and driving myself crazy with all the little details =) I’m so excited to be part of the talented OIP team and look forward to celebrating with you! x


Ngocolat Le-The Dessert Parlour


Did someone say dessert? Yes I am a lover of desserts and it seemed perfect to combine my dessert obsession with my passion of event styling to create a dessert table business such as The Dessert Parlour. Recently I have branched out to focus on event styling with Le & Fothergill, and I really believe it is the small details that count.  I am excited to join the team, hoping to give wonderful inspirations on colour palettes, tablescaping, shop hunting and finding those bargains we all love!

Nicole & Mardi-Simply Sweet Soirees


Nicole and Mardi are event stylists and co-founders of online party boutique Simply Sweet Soirees. They started their business in 2012 after finding it difficult to source products locally for their own special occasions. Combining their love of great food and beautiful products is a business dream come true.


Meet Our Youngest Team Member-India Kitty (The World Of India Kitty)


Hi I am India, I am the ten year old creator of indiakitty blog . I love cats , craft , colour, socks , confetti , snail mail and doing yoga . I am so exited to be contributing to OIP . I hope you find my posts inspirational and fun . India X x