Would you like to add a bit of sparkle to your event? DIY bottle vases are so easy, glamorous and effective! They are perfect for a Gatsby theme birthday, a Christmas party, a hint of golden sparkle for your wedding, or just to brighten up your home. Bright flowers make a wonderful contrast or you can just have them on their own as part of a table centrepiece or as table numbers. So where do

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Written By India Kitty -Our Youngest Team Member, 10yrs old & super talented! Jars are so cute and really popular at the moment. You can have drinks in a jar, layered fruits and yogurt in a jar and my favourite cupcakes in a jar. Imagine at the end of your party handing everyone a cute cake in a jar, or giving your best friend a cute packaged cupcake in a jar for their Birthday –

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If you need inspiration or last minute ideas to put together a fabulous Christmas Table, you have come to the right place. Absolutely love this setting by Ruffles & Bells Wedding and Event Styling, and Eliska was kind enough to share product details with our lovely readers (scroll down for info). Styling & Photography: Ruffles & Bells Wedding and Event Styling Candle votives, candle sticks for hire: Ruffles & Bells Wedding and Event Styling Gold

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I always thought that lemon curd was something that was really tricky to master until I actually gave it a go myself and to my delight discovered that it’s super easy! This curd tastes so delicious and you just can’t compare it to the store bought stuff. I love to use it as a cupcake filling or on pancakes or scones with a dollop of whipped cream. If you’re feeling generous you can make more

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If you are like me, you have an over abundance of white serving platters. So, I am always looking for fun ways to add some colour to coordinate with the party I am planning. That is when I came up with the idea to “paint” my dishes. It is easy, fun, and can easily be matched to any party decor! What you will need: White serving dish Coloured white chocolate Pastry brush Microwavable bowl First,

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There is something delightfully  youthful and pure about a floral wreath. A simple collection or an elaborate  assortment, displayed or worn, the creation of one is a truly enjoyable  experience and an exercise anyone can undertake. Visit your local flower market  or raid the garden, the only set rules are the basics of how it goes together  and that’s what I’m sharing with you today. What you will need:  Secateurs Floral tape (a thin, pliable

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A party hat garland is perfect for any birthday celebration! You can easily make it to adorn a party table, or leave it as a surprise to a birthday friend’s front door. With how easy it is to put together, you will be making this cute garland for all your party needs.   You will need: Cone shaped paper water cups 1 inch round stickers or paper punches Quick dry tacky glue Twine Small pom-poms

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If you would like to take the fancy up a notch for your next shindig, make sure to try one of these DIY ideas to glam up your drink stirrers. Cheers to 5-mins of effort for an ever-lasting impression!     Get the tutorials here: Cotton Balls; Chalkboard Circles; Doilied-Up; Paper-Arrows; Ribbons or Bows; Pom-Poms; Gilded Wilderness; Feather-Topped; Clip-Art Printouts; Washi Tape; Colourful-Beads; Tissue-Paper Fringe; Pinwheels; Tulle Balls; Balsa Wood Flowers

“May Flowers” Mother’s Day Tablescape


Hello Everyone I’m Haddy from House of Creative Designs and today I’m sharing with you a Mother’s Day Tablescape I created over the weekend.   My inspiration was all the flowers that are springing up all around me, including in fashion. I always like to look at fashion for ways to translate it into Home and entertaining. You have probably noticed all the gorgeous floral printed pants and of course Coral has been such a big

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Mother’s Day Breakfast In Bed–Free Printables


Treat your mother or loved one right this Mother’s Day with a gorgeous breakfast in bed. It is a perfect way to let that special someone know just how much you care about them. And, dressing up your breakfast with these fabulous free printables, will add that special touch needed to make this Mother’s Day unforgettable. With these pretty printables, you don’t have to be a gourmet chef to pull of a fancy breakfast in

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Witches Broom-Halloween Prop

image1 halloween glam haunted house party

I saw this over at Wants and Wishes Blog and absolutely love this idea, its, cheap, easy to do and literally takes five minutes, thats my kind of DIY. Get the full tutorial here. [pinit]

Ice-Cream Party

Ice Cream Parlour, Ice Cream buffet

We are finally welcoming Summers here in Australia, and I am planning an ice-cream party for one of my clients. I just had to go to my favourites folder to pull out these amazing pictures I had filed away long time ago, from a very talented stylist Amy Moss who is also from Melbourne. I remember when I first came across these I looked at the pictures for quite some time, it was love at first

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