OIP Style – What is millenial pink?


If you haven’t noticed the surge in popularity with this pink hue, then where have you been?! Say hello to the new “IT” colour. It has dominated our screens and now anything you can think of is pink. Shoes, apparel, handbags, make-up, hair, furniture, interior…THINK PINK! Millennial pink. No longer known as “girly” or associated with being too feminine for some, this colour is the latest craze and is here to stay. We welcome you

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OIP Style – NEW bag alert!

Untitled design(3)

You know the feeling when you have your eyes (and dreams) set on a bag but your wallet just won’t stretch wide enough for the purchase? What do you do? Continue to dream? Start saving? Or get real with yourself because there are bigger priorities then that very cute Chanel bag or Chloe Nile bag that is screaming for your attention. Vestiaire Collective are one in many online marketplaces that allows you to buy and

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OIP Style- Winter Weekend Ready

blush pink skirt

As the cold days roll on, it gets harder to peel ourselves away from the comfort and warmth of our couch, home and possibly snuggie. We prefer to stay in over braving the chill outside, and can you blame us?! For those dreading the weekend plans, we thought we could offer some winter inspiration. And yes we are aware it is only Wednesday, but should you need to step out of your snuggie, then here’s

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Untitled design(2)

For a long time, the pearl has been a classic accessory that has been associated with elegance, luxury, and offered a more refined look. This is no longer the case- with the likes of big design houses such as Chanel, Miu Miu and Christian Dior re-creating the way women wear pearls today. Image via: Who What Wear Christian Dior has mastered the new classic pearl earring, the iconic Tribales earrings, which can be worn alone

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Oscar Outfits we love


Is it just me, or do the Oscars always remind you of how many great movies you need to add to your watch list? On Sunday night (Monday for us Aussies), the best of the film industry gathered to celebrate and award the finest of the business with an iconic 24 karat plated statuette. But for me, what is equally iconic is the attendees fashion choices. Here were our favourites. Image via The Australian Image via

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Our Favourite looks from the ’17 Grammy Awards


From near nudity to political statements, there will always be an interesting variety of fashion on the Gammy’s Red Carpet. We’ve plucked a few of our favourites (which are admittedly a little more on the modest side) to share with you today. Who was best dressed in your opinion? Image via US Magazine Image via US Magazine Image via US Magazine image via Buzzfeed Image via Buzzfeed Image via Buzzfeed Image via Buzzfeed Image via Buzzfeed Image via Wenner

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Our Favourite looks from the ’17 SAG Awards


For this years SAG awards I couldn’t look past the simple silhouettes of muted or monochromatic colour palettes. Gowns that exude femininity, and reveal elements that serve as great inspiration for brides to be, or bridesmaids a like. Check out my favourites below, and let us know the look which got you most excited! Image via E! Online Image via Pop Sugar Image via Pop Sugar Image via Pop Sugar Image via Pop Sugar   image

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Fabulous Friday – 70s Vibes


Summer vibes with an autumn colour palette – I’ve recently become obsessed with the idea of hosting a 70s galentines celebration complete with a stack of records and individual shirmp cocktails served to each guest. A space with layer upon layer of texture and pattern, that would instantly transform me to the safety net of my grandparents outdated home as a child of the 90s. Below is my inspiration for the occasion, which wouldn’t be complete without:

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Kristy Pryor-Fashion Shoot-gorman- OIP

We are bringing back our Fabulous Friday posts by popular demand (sorry it took a while)! So tune in every Friday to see what makes our fabulous list! Today we are sharing this amazing collab by our local talent, stylist Kristy Pryor, photographer Andrew Hunter-Graham and model Grace Venner.    



Written by Janelle from A Stylish Affair Blog If your mum is anything like mine, it’s a nightmare to buy her a gift. She’s one of those people who buys what she wants and never needs anything. This year, I’ve made gift giving easy with an edit of 10 lust worthy, smiling inducing gifts. Instead of conventional gifts, gift something she wont necessarily need- but she’ll definitely love none the less. Leather Pouch $99.95- The

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Easy (and almost cost-free) styling tips to update your look! This month I wanted to share with you a few little tips about how you can work with your existing wardrobe but update your look without having to spend very much at all. I notice that when I’m a styling client, these are often the things that impress them the most and really change the look of an outfit. I guess you can call them

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Some suggestions for those of you who like to leave your shopping until the last minute, us included. There’s still hope, you can get express shipping on most of these items.   1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10



I’ll be honest there isn’t too much that I love about winter. I’m definitely a summer girl, but there is something lovely about winter fashion and layering up with shirts and cardigans and coats. I’ve never been someone to shy away from colour in the cooler months either – grey clouds don’t mean grey clothes. In fact, it usually has the opposite effect on me! This Autumn/Winter there are so many gorgeous and wearable trends

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Oh Its Perfect new year post ver 4

Are you ready to paint the town red? When planning your New Year’s Eve outfit you can’t really go wrong with a LBD (Little Black Dress) and all you need is a single piece of statement jewellery like this Samantha Wills Necklace below to ring in the new year in perfect style!       Source: Dress, Bag, Necklace, Shoes, Lipstick