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Move aside, cake pops, there's a new kid in town. Waffle Pops are the latest dessert craze sweeping the Internet, since its debut at Coachella this year. It's well known that traditional waffles are not an easy sweet to eat on-the-go; the thick fudgy chocolate makes a run for it off the side of your plate, icecream melts and you end up looking like your baby nephew, after he's finished a bowl of spaghetti. Well, no longer! Since the emergence of the Waffle Pop, Instagrammers around the world are rejoicing. Not only has it become easier to eat on-the-go, it's...

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The world of dessert-making is constantly evolving to reflect particular trends, and often emulating natural beauty made by Mama Nature herself! A current dessert trend that is truly "rocking" people around the world, is the oh-so-glitzy geode cake. Geodes are hollow rocks filled with sparkling crystals and minerals and can be used to make jewellery, decorate homes, and some people claim they also possess healing elements. Colorado-based, Rachel Teufel, from Intricate Icings, was said to be one of the first to popularise the geode cake, when her amazing amethyst creation went viral in 2016. "I knew I wanted to create...

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Fabulous Friday - Burnished Metals Taking Over

Warm metals like copper, brass and rose gold was so on trend for last year, but as we move into 2017 you’ll see a shift away from this super polished look. You’ll see a more a more industrial aesthetic, with black steel and burnished metals taking over. Image via Image via Nouba Image via insidestores Image via Camille Styles Image via omundodejess Image via Paper Fusion Boutique Image via Hey Wedding Lady Image via Once Wed Image via Home Deco Image via Yellow Trace

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Fabulous Friday - Rainbow Road

Image via Eye Fashionary Image via Decapitate Animals Tumblr Image via Domus Web Image via Design Milk Image via Elle Image via Deep Heart Image via Materia Image via E Tapes Image via Colour Collective Image via Sight Unseen Image via Archie Design Club

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