Vendor Setup Guides

Welcome to Shop Oh It’s Perfect (OIP) – A unique marketplace for everything party, wedding and events. 

We thank you for being a part of Shop OIP.

Please download Setup Guides to assist you in setting up your store at Shop OIP. Wether you are a Retailer, a service provider like a photographer, a cake baker or a hire service like a venue or a photobooth hire, we have got you covered. 


Vendor Dashboard

Guide to setup your store’s dashboard.

Products - Retailers

Guide to setup ready products with fixed prices.

Products - Services, Hire, Bespoke

Product setup guide for Services (e.g. photographers), Hire (e.g. venue hire) and Bespoke products (e.g. wedding cakes).

Product Customisation - Attributes

A guide to customising products (e.g. colour, personalised message, size etc).


Please let us know if we can be any assistance in helping you with your setup. Help is just a click away.