This Mother’s Day treat your Mum, Grand Mother or Aunty to this delicious Tarte Tatin. My French Grandmother whom I call Memere, gave me this delicious recipe for you all to bake for Mother’s Day.

Tradition is really important to me, and as it draws closer to Mother’s Day it is a really important time to reflect where your family has come from and appreciate all that they have done for you! Tarte Tatin is traditionally made in a fry pan, where the pastry is laid on top of the apples and baked in the oven. Once baked, it is then flipped! I knew I wouldn’t be able to do it the traditional way myself, so my version of Tarte Tatin is made more like a pie! I will be giving instructions on how to make it both ways for those who are more experienced in baking than me!

Short Pastry Ingredients

100g Sour Cream

250g Plain Flour

200g Room Temperature Butter

Short Pastry Method

01. Dice butter, and then pulse with the flour in food processor. Alternatively, you can mix the butter and flour with your hands. It is easier to do if the butter is at room temperature.

02. Add the sour cream, if the mixture does not turn to a dough-like consistency add a little more sour cream.

03. Once mixture is at a dough like consistency, cover the bowl with cling wrap & let it raise for a minimum of 20 minutes.

Tarte Tartin Filling Ingredients

150g Butter

1 cup Brown Sugar

1kg of Granny Smith Apples

Tarte Tartin Filling Method

01. Cut the 1kg of Granny Smith apples into slices, and leave aside in a bowl. Preheat oven to 180 degrees celsius.

02. Melt the 150g of butter in a med-large frypan. When it has semi-browned, add the 1 cup of Brown Sugar & let it caramelise.

03. When frypan contents begin to caramelise, add apples. Cook the apples until golden.

Frypan method

04. Add the short pastry to the top of the fry pan, ensure the sides are inside the frypan.

05. ENSURE FRYPAN HAS A METAL HANDLE before you place it in the oven.

06. Cook until Golden (30-45 minutes). Once cooled, flip onto a plate.

Tart Method

04. Place short Pastry in the tart tin, and pour the apple mixture in. With any left over pastry you can use that to decorate the top.

05. Place into oven and cook until golden (40-45 minutes). Once cooled, take it out of the tin and serve!

06. Bon Appétite!