6 Australia Day Party Ideas

Aussie, aussie, aussie - make this Australia Day one to remember

Whatever the weather, Aussie's love to celebrate all things Australian with friends and family on Australia Day. Here are some ideas to get your party planning off to a cracking start.

1. Table Setting

Red, blue and white are always fashionable when it comes to Australia Day and with the shops full of Australian paraphernalia it's easy to get a fun table display going. Balloons, table clothes, lanterns, plates, serviettes and mini flags are always readily available for Australia Day celebrations.

Australia Day Ideas

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Australia Day snags| Australia Day sausages

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2. Prawns on the Barbie

You can't get much more Australian than this. Prawns on the barbie are a great Australian tradition. Serve them on some skewers as a starter but be sure you've got enough of these firm favourites.

Australia Day Shrimp Skewers

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3. BBQ hits

Okay, so I think you've guessed that it's not an Australia Day celebration unless you're throwing something on the Barbie. If prawns are your starter then be sure you've got lots of tasty lamb cutlets, steaks or burgers to go on the grill for the main course. But don't forget the grilled vegetables. Not only are grilled veggies superb on the BBQ but they add colour to the meal when it's laid out.

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4. Australian Desserts

Lamingtons, pavlovas and ice-cream - all make for excellent Aussie desserts. For scrumptious ideas and Australian Dessert recipes, be sure to look at our blog.

Australia Day Desserts

5. Australian Cookies

It's always fun producing simple but Instagrammable cookies. Show off with Aussie-themed biscuits and pavlova-inspired cupcakes.

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Australia Day Cookies

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6 Nail Art

After you've prepped for your Australia Day party - go out and treat yourself to some fun Australia Day nail art - why not?

Australia Day nail Art

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Bonus: Australia Day Picnic

If you're not opting for a traditional BBQ this Australia Day, then a picnic is a fun idea. Here are some Australia Day Picnic ideas to get your creativity flowing.

Australia Day Picnic ideas

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