6 Styles of Wedding Lighting to Consider

Lighting... is usually an overlooked feature during the planning stages at most weddings. But if done right it can transform a space into a magical atmosphere for your guests. Most indoor venues already have fixed lighting but If you're lucky enough to be able to plan and style your wedding from scratch then you can choose your own lighting, there are a number of options to consider.

  1. Festoon - is lighting that are individual bulbs. They're best used outside as they completely change a space once the sun sets. You can get 2 types but an almost endless selection of light bulbs, Option 1 - The drop hanging or option 2 - suspended festoon lights. This type of lighting gives a soft ambient glow and an instant party vibe. Depending on the styling elements used with them can suit almost every type of wedding.

2. Fairy - these lights are the smallest of all the options and are best used outside. They have recently made a come back as couples are using these to create light up ceilings. The definitely give the wow factor! Although they look great, its best to leave the challenge of hanging these to the professionals.

3. Pendant - is a stand alone light fixture with one bulb. Best used inside with a high ceiling. They are usually suspended with a cord and often used in multiples. There are a lot on offer from hire companies. Its best to hire these and have them installed rather than purchase these yourself. They are such a big statement piece and really stand out if they're styled with floristry or foliage.

4. Neon & LED - Neon signage has been around since the 1920's. LED signage is its younger has has been becoming more and more popular with the events industry especially weddings over the last ten years. LED is the cheaper version of a neon sign, they're inexpensive to have one custom created. Couples are choosing this type of lighting as it can be a keepsake once the event is finished and they look great suspended or mounted to a wall. There are a lot of companies offering custom LED signage, you can get them created for indoor or outdoor usage.

5. Chandeliers - is a large, decorative hanging light with branches for several light bulbs or candles. These lights can be suspended by themselves because they're already so ornate. They're one of the oldest types of lighting but are now being used in modern style events. They give an instant feeling of grandeur and are best used inside as the weather can be unpredictable.

6. Candles - is a dim light provided by a lit candle. They're inexpensive and the best option for the budget conscience couple. The range is literally endless for colour and size as well as how the candle is held. The give an instant romance hit. Candles can also be paired with the other lighting options we have mentioned.

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