9 movies that will inspire you to travel

Some people are born to travel, some people are inspired to travel, and some need to see what is possible to inspire them to see it for themselves. Travel is definitely contagious and if you’re planning on travelling for a week, a few months, or packing up your house and travelling for years, you’ll want some movie inspo to get you excited! These are our top 9 movies that will inspire you to travel.

Into the Wild

Based on a true story, Christopher McCandless leaves his middle class life to live an adventure in the wild. With no money, no car and only minimal belongings, his goal is to make it to Alaska. If this movie doesn’t inspire you to backpack, we’re not sure what will!

Captain Fantastic

A family living off the grid are thrown into turmoil when they experience a tragedy . If you have ever thought about a nomadic lifestyle, this is the movie to encourage you to leave the 9-5 - even if you have kids!

Euro trip

In this teen comedy, four friends decide to take the ultimate trip to Europe -a summer of backpacking, hook ups and extreme situations. Not really what you’ll encounter out in the real world but it does make you want to travel to Europe and experience the cultural differences for yourself.

The Beach

Richard travels to Thailand with adventure in mind. When he hears about a beach that is impossible to get to, he decides to do the impossible. This is an adventure movie that inspires you to take-action and go where no-one else has gone before.


After her mother passes away and her marriage dissolves, Cheryl Strayed decides to hike across the Pacific Crest Trail to find herself. If you live in the big smoke, this is the ultimate movie to get you planning an outdoors adventure.

Eat pray love

Liz embarks on a journey of self-discovery from Italy (Eat) to India (Pray) and finally to Bali (Love). She inspires you to follow your heart, especially those who have had a challenging year.

The secret life of Walter Mitty

Walter Mitty, a man that never did anything risky, finds himself on a trip of a lifetime in the search of a missing photograph. This movie will have you packing your bags and going places rarely travelled!

The motorcycle diaries

Two friends travel on their motorcycles from Brazil to Peru leading to a change in their views on life and values. If you’re looking to open your mind, this is the movie to watch before you head off on your travels.


Set in western Australia, Tracks follows a woman seeking solitude on a solo trip across the desert with her dog and four camels. A movie that will have you packing up and travelling the Aussie outback.

These are 9 movies that will inspire you to travel, but there are plenty more that will get you booking those flights and packing your bags as soon as possible.

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