A Gatsby Party!

We're gasping for this Gatsby party! The sophisticated styling of this sophisticated party is a beautiful ode to the 20's. The black, white and gold colour palette was very true to The Great Gatsby theme, beautifully executed - media wall and all, Events By Alysia did a wonderful job at keeping this theme consistent through her styling!

A little party never killed nobody! A very fitting quote for this birthday celebration! The use of colours, feathers and balloons aided in creating this inviting atmosphere all guests could enjoy!

The use of clear orbs added dimension to the balloon garland. The cutest tiny balloons inside of these orbs really created some interest to the traditional balloon garland. The overall styling Events By Alysia has executed, really has created this true Great Gatsby atmosphere!

If you're planning on creating your own Great Gatsby theme, there is many easy replicable attributes to this party that you can easily do! The traditional colour palette, and Art Deco patterning are the essentials needed to reproduce such a classic theme!

Styling, Balloons, Props & Signage: Events By Alysia

Gatsby Backdrop: Clients

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