A golden piece of wedding planning advice

It wasn't until I entered event management as a career, that the linage of eventuers in my family and their wealth of knowledge began to appear. From function management, to culinary champion, and even funeral directors - their combined experiences create an effect akin to a connect the dots artwork, which over time has presented me with a refined perspective of the vast industry that is events. Sure, the horror stories shared over beers every now and then might bring more comedic relief to your day, but I want to share something more valuable than that. A piece of wedding planning advice I inherited, which I haven't heard since, and readily offer to my clients and any one else that'll listen. It's this - Organise your venue to assign a server to exclusively wait on the newlyweds

Image via Andreas Ronningen

Your wedding day is going to be a whirlwind, and being the guests of honour has the ability to diminish the opportunity to enjoy everything you spent months (if not years) working towards. This is where your wedding day reception pa finds value. As an employee of the venue, they can access items or answers much faster than a friend or wedding planner, and with you (and your partner) as their number one priority - whether it's ensuring you receive a plate of appetisers directly to the bridal table, handing you a glass of champagne every time your right hand is empty, or even running off to locate a member of the bridal party for you. They'll make you feel like the VIP you deserve to feel on your wedding day.

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