What NOT to wear to a summer wedding

A GUEST’S GUIDE: Oh, the etiquette! When it comes to weddings there are so many rules, however the most argued rule is what can and can’t be worn to a summer wedding. So, if your friends’ or family decide to get married in Summer, how do you execute the perfect look without breaking all the rules?

Never fear! We’ve got a summer wedding guest guide for you.

Don’t wear white

This is an all year ‘round guideline, but during the warmer months you may be tempted to reach for those whites. So, remember, no white, no nude, no cream or any variations of these colours. You don’t want people to confuse you with the bride.

So, what do I wear? Aim for pastels, block colours and florals. In summer, bright colours and florals are a safe bet!

Never wear sheer material

Keep the sheer materials for the Hen’s night. For the big day, keep it PG. You don’t want to scare Nanna! If you like the sheer look, layer it with other materials and make sure that you’re appropriately covered.

The dress must be longer than mid-thigh

Let’s cover those thighs. Yes, I know it’s not the 1920’s but it’s someone else’s big day, so cover up! Try a mid-thigh length dress with a longer overlay or show some shoulder to balance the look!

Men must not wear jeans… EVER

No, no, no. No jeans. There are plenty of options for men if you don’t want to wear a suit. Coloured pants or chinos are a better option than jeans. They look smart and are a lighter material for those hot, hot days.

Never ignore the invites instructions

Don’t ignore the dress instructions on an invite. If it’s fancy dress, dress up. If it’s casual beach attire, wear casual beach attire.

After all, it’s the bride and groom’s special day so some common curtesy applies.

But the main points to take on board for any wedding? Dance like no-one is watching, chat to people you’ve never met before, laugh, be happy and have fun. It’s a special day and it’ll make the day all that more special.

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