Christmas is such a magical time of the year for us at OIP, but doesn't just stay in our office, it's joy is widespread. Whether you are a kid stuck in an adults body or you actually have kids yourselves, it is such a fun time of the year to adopt fun, new and interesting traditions. Perhaps this is your first Christmas with a special delivery that came this year and so you would enjoy this post a little bit more. See below some cute new traditions to adopt immediately this Christmas season!

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A treat to leave behind on Christmas Eve for Santa's little helpers, a last minute attempt at getting on Santa's Good list! Basically dunk cheerios in white or milk chocolate and douse generously with cute sprinkles or icing sugar. Once the kids are asleep - ENJOY!

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Want the kids to enjoy their lunches even more? This is a fun way to start getting them excited as soon as December 1st hits! They'll still be in school for a couple of weeks, so you can have lots of fun with this. Ideally use a brown felt-like material as the base in a square shape. Get some white round stickers, and a black sharpie to draw on eyes and eyelashes, a red pom pom for Rudolph's nose, a bell for his ears tied by red and black checkered ribbon. Glue it all together with a hot glue gun and viola - Rudolph the Lunchbox Rucksack!

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If you're obsessed with Keeping Up with the Kardashians, you'll know all about Khloe's obsession with her cookie jar, this is on a much LESS OCD level, but just as eye-capturing. Make (or buy - we won't judge!) approximately 10 slightly different sized star cookies with green icing to layer and stack as the Christmas Tree, and a red icing star cookie to be the decorate star on top. Place into an empty jar and sprinkle with icing sugar to create the snow. These are perfect for both decor (that you can eat - win!) or gifts when on a budget (Double win!!)

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Now that we're in 2017, most houses are quite modern and do lack one key element that makes a visit from Santa possible. Yep, you guessed it - a chimney! Who even has those anymore!? So to make it a little bit more believable (and fun!) what you need to do is get Santa's Magic Key cut out and left at the front door so he can come and visit when the kids are asleep. There are so many ways you can design or make this come to life. Get creative - we especially love this tutorial from Lia Griffith's website.

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Don't have much time (or money!?) to impress your Christmas guests this holiday season? Fear not, we have you covered with some easy and hip-pocket friendly options that you should totally adopt as a tradition, you will spend less on favours and more on festivities! Buy a packet of Malteasers and a packet of Jaffas, and pop them into a cute plastic cylinder container. Tie with printable labels and some coloured twine. Too easy and too cute!

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These Oreo based cookies are the easiest recipe you need to add to your traditions list this holiday season. Looks eye-capturing yet so easy to execute. All you need is Oreo cookies, red liquorice, white icing and holly leaves. Perfect for a treat for Santa AKA Mum and Dad, or to be enjoyed together as a family early Christmas Morning with a glass of warm milk. We're sure you won't struggle to find an excuse to eat these babies!

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If you're REALLY crafty, and especially clever with the hot glue gun, you'd be ace for this challenge. Find some acorns at your local park, or even your local florist for a cheap price, buy some wooden balls from the local craft shop, and red and green felt. Cur out shapes to make their hats, scarves and shoes. Hot glue gun all the elements together and loop through a ribbon to create an adorable and rustic bunting like this one. Don't forget your handy Sharpie to draw on some cute expressions. This tradition would be recommended to kids a little older as it is requiring the use of a hot glue gun.

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Got yourself a little spirited drunk mini human? Why not introduce Elf on the Shelf as a constant reminder for your little person to remember to behave at all times, as Santa's little helpers are "always watching". It's also so much fun re-creating different positions and scenarios to put Elf in as well. We will most likely draft another blog post in regards to this mischievous little guy and his grand adventures over the years.

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And one of the BEST traditions to adopt NOW, is the Christmas Eve Box, decorate and personalise it how you want, as what is packed on the inside is what counts! Christmas themed PJs, a Christmas book, milk & cookies, a Christmas movie to enjoy with the family before bed and last but not least a note from Santa to remind everyone that YES he's on his way and will be visiting on Christmas Eve.

Whatever or however you choose to celebrate this silly season, remember to have fun, stay safe, laugh plenty and eat and drink merrily! We will keep posting some fun and festive ideas for you, your family and friends to enjoy!

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