Who isn’t a sucker for succulents? Succulent plants not only are adorable and add a refreshing twist to traditional flowers, they are so sturdy as a plant you can even replant them after the event! Why succulents? Most people think of green when it comes to succulents, but those plump fleshy ‘petals’ come in so many marvellous colours for you to play with for winter and even summer events. They can either give a fresh frosty feel to an event, add a masculine edge if needed, and can be also given a warm romantic feminine touch with other blooms. Succulents are available all year round and are eco-friendly, as they do need watering as much as traditional flowers so bouquets and some arrangements can be made in advance, and after the event the succulents can be replanted! Where can I buy them? You can ask your local florist, you can buy them from ebay, gumtree, and online stores, but the best way is to find your local nursey as most of them sell cacti and succulents. How do I take care of them? Keep these little beauties in brightly lit areas but not under the full midday sun. In hotter months, they are in their ‘growing phase’ and need to be watered once a week to be active. While in cooler months, you don’t need to water them as much and this is where you can neglect them a little more. It’s better to spray or trickle water into the soil so it is slightly moist but not wet and ‘muddy’. A good indication to when you need to water them again is when the soil is dry. For more detailed information you can check out this link. Bouquets Mix succulents with whites and greens for a natural fresh look or add pretty pinks for a more romantic look. Want a bit more colour? Add pops of yellow! Yellow-Succulent-Bouquet-Ideas-06 Yellow-Succulent-Bouquet-Ideas-06 DECORATING WITH SUCCULENTS DECORATING WITH SUCCULENTS Centrepieces With any centrepiece, you apply the same creativity with succulents. Use long wooden boxes, different sized pots, vases, and cups in different colours - you can really use anything that has a bit of depth to place the succulents in. WEDDING-DECOR-WITH-SUCCULENTS DECORATING WITH SUCCULENTS DECORATING WITH SUCCULENTS DECORATING WITH SUCCULENTS Cakes My favourite part of any wedding…the cakes! You do not to go overboard with succulents on the cake, I always think simple is always best! They look great on a naked cake for that rustic look and another great idea is to spray paint them to your colour theme! DECORATING-WITH-SUCCULENTS DECORATING-WITH-SUCCULENTS DECORATING-WITH-SUCCULENTS DECORATING-WITH-SUCCULENTS Favours These favours are so adorable! Have them potted in cute mini fishbowls or coloured teacups with names or a thank you tag, or even about succulent cupcakes? DECORATING WITH SUCCULENTS DECORATING WITH SUCCULENTS DECORATING WITH SUCCULENTS DECORATING WITH SUCCULENTS There are so much more wonderful ideas out there; I hope this has given you some ideas for your next event! Contributed by Ngoc of The Dessert Parlour

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