DIY Free Santa Countdown Calendar Printable
It's a free printable, that's super easy and lots of fun to do with the kids.
And...It's chocolate free too!
You will need:
24 cotton wool balls
Ribbon or string
Hole punch
Glue stick
Optional holders for glue and cotton wool
Tin can
Washi tape
To make the DIY Christmas Calendar:
Download the free printable from Tomfo
Then print out on 200gsm A4 card.
Punch a hole in the top with a hole punch.
Then add some ribbon through the hole and hang it on a hook , simple as that!
To make the Holders:
Wash and dry an empty tin can, (ensure you smooth the inside edges.)
Then wrap the entire can with washi tape.
Wrap the washi tape inside too, to make it safer for little hands.
Add cotton wool and your gluestick and it's all in one place, ready to start counting down.
Stick on a cotton wool ball every day. Once you’ve made Santa’s beard he will be coming the next morning.
Your kids will think you're a supermum/dad as you countdown to Christmas together.
Contributed By Sarah Preston From Tomfo

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