A party hat garland is perfect for any birthday celebration! You can easily make it to adorn a party table, or leave it as a surprise to a birthday friend's front door. With how easy it is to put together, you will be making this cute garland for all your party needs.
You will need:
Cone shaped paper water cups
1 inch round stickers or paper punches
Quick dry tacky glue
Small pom-poms
First, dress up your paper water cups by sticking on the 1 inch round stickers, or gluing on the 1 inch paper punched circles. Next, put a small drop of tacky glue at the top of your mini party hat. Place the twine at the top. Then, place another small drop of glue on one of the small pom-poms and glue on top of the twine. Do the same with your other mini party, spaced approximately 6 inches apart. Let the glue dry completely before picking up your garland.
Written by Sara of Confetti Sunshine

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