We love a table setting with designated seating for a dinner party for several reasons. Choosing where people sit gives you as the host a little control on how the flow of the evening can go. From allocating yourself close access to the kitchen, to ensuring the big personalities are spread out around the table - conversation will flow easily and naturally. And really, nothing says ‘dinner party’ like actual place settings – it certainly takes things up a notch from a casual get-together to special occasion. We’re crushing hard on all things gold right now, so combine metallics with our love of diamonds and we’ve created the ultimate glam placecard holder for your next dinner party. DIY-GOLD-DIAMOND-PLACE-CARD-HOLDERS You’ll need: - Plaster (choose a quick set pottery plaster for speediest results) - Diamond mould - we picked up an ice mould like this one from Kitchenware Direct - Disposable plastic spoon or something to mix your plaster - Craft knife - Cup - Scrap cardboard trimmed to approx 3cm x 3cm for each diamond you are making. The sides of an clean milk container is ideal - Spray paint – try a neon or a metallic, depending on your theme - Cooking spray - optional (if your mould is nonstick) - Funnel - optional DIY-DIAMOND-GOLD-NAMECARD-HOLDERS Method: Prepare your mould – we used a non-stick silicone one that did not require cooking spray, but spray yours if it isn’t. Using your knife, cut a 3cm slit into the side of your mould. This is where your will slide your 3cm cardboard squares in, creating a slot for a name-card. Most plasters use a 3:1 powder to water ratio, so try and choose a plaster from a craft store like Spotlight that becomes quite liquid and is able to be poured into your mould. Mix and pour your plaster – use a funnel if yours is a closed mould like ours. Carefully slide a piece of cardboard into the slit you created earlier – a small amount of plaster may trickle out. Allow to set and dry – overnight at the minimum, before you can paint. Once your plaster has set, pull the cardboard of first before popping your diamond out of the mould. Spray paint your diamonds, allowing adequate drying time between coats. DIY DIAMOND NAMECARD HOLDERS Contributed by Miss Bunting

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