Easy (and almost cost-free) styling tips to update your look!

This month I wanted to share with you a few little tips about how you can work with your existing wardrobe but update your look without having to spend very much at all. I notice that when I’m a styling client, these are often the things that impress them the most and really change the look of an outfit. I guess you can call them the “one-percenters!” They’re the little things.

1. Roll up, roll up!

In the winter months we don’t usually show too much skin (which is a good thing in my case, no one needs to be subjected to my pasty, scaly skin!). But there are a few things that you can and should show – like your lovely wrists! A good bit of wristage is a great way to update your look (funny considering it was such a huge trend in the 80’s) and draw attention to the slimmest part of your arms. So whether you have a long sleeve tee under a blazer or a collared shirt under a sweatshirt, roll those sleeves up a little and show part of the item that’s underneath. dianna-lunt-garance


2.Tuck it in

So this little trend that’s been made popular by bloggers and the street stylers is only really good if you have longer hair. Yes “the tuck” as it’s called is all the rage – it gives you an instant new hairdo without having to do a thing! It’s fantastic if you want to confuse the hell out of your work colleagues – one day long, next day a bob, the next day half long, half bob! It’s as simple as tucking your hair into the back of your jacket, chunky sweater or scarf, in a I-was-in-such-a-rush-getting-dressed-that-I-simply-didn’t-have-time-to-pull-my-hair-out-but-gosh-I-look-fabulous kind of way! I would, however, advise against trying “the tuck” with a t-shirt though. WINTER-FASHION-STYLING-TIPS-IDEAS WINTER-FASHION-STYLING-TIPS-IDEAS WINTER-FASHION-STYLING-TIPS-IDEAS

3.Shorten it

The other part of your body that is getting some serious fashion love at the moment is ankles! Cropped or seven-eighth pants are very on-trend and again show off the (usually) most slender part of your legs. I also like them because they show off my fabulous shoes!! So, now’s the time to go through your wardrobe and find those pants that you either don’t wear much because although you love them, you really don’t know if they’re cool anymore because of their length. Pin them up, stand in front of the mirror, try on a few different style of shoes (heels, flats), and if you’re happy get them taken up! I would stick to pants that are straight or narrower at the ankle, although if you’re feeling particularly cool, you could give wide leg culottes a go?! If you’re not too keen on getting anything shorted, then simply roll up your pants to show some skin. It might make your look more casual, but it’s another alternative. Rolling up looks particularly great with jeans and relaxed style pants. WINTER-FASHION-STYLING-TIPS-IDEAS WINTER-FASHION-STYLING-TIPS-IDEAS WINTER-FASHION-STYLING-TIPS-IDEAS

4.The white shirt

Okay, there may be a cost incurred here if you don’t own a crisp white shirt, but if you do have one sitting somewhere in the back of your wardrobe, bring it forth! Or even better raid your partner’s wardrobe to see if he has an(unstained) white one that’s not too businessy. Whatever way you have to get your hands on it, the one piece of clothing that I think is must have in wardrobes this winter is a white shirt. Preferably an oversized or boyfriend style one, as fitted white shirt will only work under a sweatshirt. The white shirt can now be worn on it’s own OUTSIDE OF THE WORKPLACE!! Yes! Wear it with cropped pants, boyfriend or skinny jeans, relaxed pants, pencil skirts or even (and this is my all time fave) tucked into a beautiful full maxi skirt…divine. It can be layered with a blazer, cardigan or vest. Or dress up a sweatshirt with your white collared shirt, leather pants and sneakers. Wear it hanging out, tucked in, half out and half in, with a belt, without a belt, collar up or down, with a statement necklace, collar open, collar done up to top…some many choices! The white shirt is your friend this season. It will give you a lot of love. WINTER-FASHION-STYLING-TIPS-IDEAS WINTER-FASHION-STYLING-TIPS-IDEAS WINTER-FASHION-STYLING-TIPS-IDEAS Contributed by Victoria from The Style Mission the-style-mission

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