Fabulous Friday- Moroccan Magic

The oh-so-heavenly design trend that has surged in popularity over the last few years and doesn't seem to be going anywhere is Moroccan décor. Dominating Pinterest and Instagram feeds, modern Moroccan décor combines traditional Moroccan shapes and colours, with a modern twist that's transformed it to a timeless décor that's both luxurious and laid-back. To get this look, you need to use a variety of different shapes, play upon metallics and mirrors, and create a sense of warmth in your lighting. Moroccan style homewares can overwhelm with opulence if you aren't careful, so while creating a sense of elegance and sophistication is important, so too is creating that laid-back comfort. Think-hues of red, gold, orange, and pink, along with exquisite turquoises, blues and greens, ottomans, and patterns covering everything from tiles to rugs. These vivid colours should be balanced out with neutral tones of cream, white, grey, and tan to soften the look. Metals like aluminium and steel can be counter-posed with warmer colours of copper and brass, and can be used for a range of items like lighting fixtures, tables, and homeware accessories to help add that luxurious touch. So today we share with you some Moroccan Magic inspiration- a truly dreamy design trend!

19379598_305053213255305_4274635599425568768_nImage via: @glotatts

17437680_414795695554753_197814476982976512_nImage via: @loveworldjewellery

18948100_1235540203221829_8569843658407280640_nImage via @dabito

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19227926_439176893117180_2978103805918314496_nImage via: @dabito

a0607b1935688ed03ff43d38a20ed331Image via Pinterest

19533766_183893035477559_1716663565961658368_nImage via: @johannehome

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19535139_1929801090621928_2991499392302710784_nImage via: @interiors

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