If it's only viable to have one space in your home or work environment that inspires you and helps the creative juices flow, your desk space should be it! Being around things that reflect your own personal taste or even reflect the culture of your workplace, can really assist in making the time you spend working as pleasant as possible. Adding pops of colour, such as pinks or greens, a funky chair, wall hangers, and candles can really make a tremendous difference in how happy you feel when you're working, and make you actually enjoy your time at work.

20482425_158353328049446_5015426808405819392_nImage via: Jo & Judy

Plants, in particular, are well known for their positive mental health benefits, beyond just being lush little beauties! What better excuse do you need to adorn your desk space, head to toe in green goodies!

Here at OIP we are big fans of making everything as fabulous as possible, whenever possible, so in light of this, we've decided to compile some stunning office setups to give you serious #officeenvy and inspire you!

20589467_166744463870913_4401547330357035008_nImage via: J's Recipe Malaysia

20394006_290251824772356_2549941703045808128_nImage via: Irwin Interior Style

20226065_154402321777912_4650246054422249472_nImage via: Miss Poppy Design

20478861_1484136241649321_3390769215815286784_nImage via: Ally Cinhicks

20582861_1951687835117035_6453516841338798080_nImage via: Whimsy and Ink

20478546_118298272146241_2775821618054692864_nImage via: Frankie & Evie Comms

20398691_105386316823993_4487585077303181312_nImage via: Friederike Creative

19367196_316461445461836_9020728612176789504_nImage via: The Daily Edited

19984758_1481535405269691_7174987560844787712_nImage via: Honestly Wtf

20479292_1757534151206003_1945884016339058688_nImage via: Sapphire Living 20482129_107573359941698_9106860071014367232_nImage via: Cass of the City

20482116_852575048241848_335806282940284928_nImage via: Greenroom Marketing

20482188_1910702625855452_6249411942369198080_nImage via: Jo & Judy

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