Most of life's best things come in moderation. Food, alcohol, and even fashion trends. Well, the glorious little pom pom is one of them! Exploding as a summer trend last year, they're back and don't seem to be going anywhere, anytime soon! Done in moderation (*wink*) pom poms are an adorable way to add a fun element to your outfit, accesssories, or even home décor. Particularly when working with neutral colours, pom poms can add that "pop" that can really pull together an otherwise drab look. So in celebration of the little pom pom, for its journey from being a kids' craft, hung from the refrigerator, to its new home in the fashion world- we welcome you, pom poms!
daf672f5e4121a437f749b38810bf00c Image via: Pampa
9104e260db3aa3768751e4467656c3a0 Image via: Design Addict Mom
9887dfb0577370372b5178f615a812c7 Image via: Le Fashion
aquazurra-pompom-heels-1 Image via: Not Your Standard // Shoes: Aquazurra
13259680_569256183243980_338443570_n Image via: The Jungalow
014-2016-ddfc-vogue-fashion-prize-ready-to-wear-finalists-spring-2017-collections-mochi Image via: Honestly WTF
752206d3dc9353a2793a476af7b7c27e Image via: Topshop
83087570_99_D5 Image via: Mango
9058870699d11eeced9c1b7b9a105b58 Image via: Baba Souk
1af70b1a7f06a802c8d45fe9a926843b Image via: ASOS

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