Move aside, cake pops, there's a new kid in town. Waffle Pops are the latest dessert craze sweeping the Internet, since its debut at Coachella this year. It's well known that traditional waffles are not an easy sweet to eat on-the-go; the thick fudgy chocolate makes a run for it off the side of your plate, icecream melts and you end up looking like your baby nephew, after he's finished a bowl of spaghetti. Well, no longer! Since the emergence of the Waffle Pop, Instagrammers around the world are rejoicing. Not only has it become easier to eat on-the-go, it's also extremely photogenic, due to being easily held at different angles and in front of different backgrounds.

19931569_319456208512031_759297157906825216_nImage via: You Me Happy

Waffle Pops are generally brightly coloured and come with a bounty of options for delicious toppings and envoke a feeling from childhood that seems to have struck a chord with sweet tooths everywhere.

Well, we must say- we 100% understand the craze behind these little babies! Absolute #dessertperfection!

20181192_1955744188047818_4667589033579249664_nImage via: Li Chi Pan

20347162_765716300267769_7688689306126254080_nImage via: Eiswelt Gelato

19955249_1969693139974352_8355512364996493312_nImage via: Sweet Combforts

18380483_238846629928809_3798832946211717120_nImage via: Rowena Jayne Creative

20214677_108398089823111_7317150235313045504_nImage via: Fabryka Churros

19227600_1023132891154448_7244437285100322816_nImage via: Waffle Wanted

18580685_477658292626403_6544761359958016_nImage via: Yelp

18812428_529007424156655_4080530767300526080_nImage via: Jun Jun

19931678_1402320276503604_2356887299662282752_nImage via: M. De Vera

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