Home Wedding (Styled Shoot)

For introverted home-body's, planning a wedding can be extremely daunting. The grandeur of a huge guest list and unfamiliar venue doesn't quite fit your personality, and eloping just really isn't option (even though you fantasize about it constantly). Well, today I might just have the answer for you in the form of a styled shoot by Hello From Flour, which proves you can create a perfectly styled wedding FROM HOME! We can't get enough of the cozy Autumn colour palette, that grazing table, and guest appearance by the couples pet (which is a sure argument to wed at home!) 52
One of the talented vendors involved, Florals by Benita explains the shoot. 'The inspiration behind our styled shoot is the growing trend of pinterest-savvy couples desiring smaller but highly-curated celebrations as they tie the knot. We noticed that young couples are ditching grand ballrooms in established hotels for more eclectic, unique venues which can accommodate only a shortened version of the conventional guest list.
With mustard and grey as theme colours, we set out to push our creative boundaries by challenging ourselves to transform a humble four-room resale HDB flat in Singapore into an understatedly beautiful, organic and cosy space for the modern couple’s exchange of vows and small party afterwards.
A key highlight of the space decor was the floral installation suspended delicately between two existing pendant lamps. Small bunches of blooms were attached to a base of geometric shapes mixed with curly willow, creating an eye-catching and whimsical display. Who says flower centrepieces have to be long, low, and rectangular?
Beneath the lamps lay a wide array of dessert, chilled beverages and loose tea leaves with which guests could create a blend with and take home as a momento. The two-tiered wedding cake embraced the organic, textured theme of the shoot with florals and foliage spilling out from it.
Outside, we adorned the metal grilles of the flat with foliage to create a backdrop for the couple and their guests to take photos against.'
20 19 7 5 14 92 91 21 23 24 28 34 29 31 32 33 36 40 44 59 60 54 53 48 49 51 52 Concept, styling, coordination and desserts: Hello From Flour Flower and coordination: Florals by Benita Photography: Caline NG Makeup and Hair: I Heart Blooms Invitations: The Cat Carousel Suit: Stitched Gown: Jules Elie Beverages: Racktify Foods Concrete Wares: Prick Pots Flower Supplier: GG Fresh Flowers

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