Interview with Jessica Hawkin's from Bertie Does

We caught up with one of Perth's most influential and sort after Wedding Stylists Jessica Hawkin's from Bertie Does. She has been on our radar for awhile now and we couldn't wait catch up to get the down low info on what inspires her and makes her business tick! What draws us to Bertie Does is Jess' design aesthetic, individual style and on point her execution is. We can't wait to see what her next project has in-store!

Bertie Does is a boutique events studio passionate about delivering high end weddings and events to Perth and beyond. They are stylists and planners; they plan, coordinate, source, style and manage every element of every event and wedding right from conception through to inception. They are lovers of design, donuts, dancing and anything pink (you're speaking our language!). Helping others make memorable times in their lives extra amazing is why they do what they do.

THE Q & A'S:

Growing up, your dream job/career was?

A Fashion Designer or a Vet.

  • Besides your own, list 3 favourite Instagram accounts that you follow?




  • If you had to only eat 1 dessert for the rest of your life what would it be?

Nutella donuts from Sukar.

What has been you most successful post and why do think it was so successful?

This was a shot of our last wedding for 2019 for the lovely Daniel and Sherry at Lamonts Bishops House here in Perth. The styling concept was very reflective of the trends at the time and featured a dreamy neutral colour palette. It was also one of those weddings where everything just came together so flawlessly so it is no surprise it was a fave in Instagram world.

  • What would you say your aesthetic and style is that makes your business stand out and attracts your clients?

I would say that the styling direction is very much dependant on a client’s brief. This could be bold and colour or it could be soft and feminine. Overarching this however, and ultimately what guides the creative process, is my personal style which I would describe as modern, refined and edgy. I also have a very relaxed and organic approach to the design and planning process which thankfully attracts a very on trend but relaxed and trusting clientele.

  • The inspiration behind starting your business came from?

Bertie Does came about at a time that I had 2 small children at home and was working on events (for another company) that I did not find particularly inspiring. I needed something for myself, a creative outlet as such but I also needed the ability to work at my own pace and around my young family. It was also important that I was delivering events that I was passionate about and reflected my own style and design processes.

  • The biggest misconception about your job is?

That it is all glam and whilst the end product is very much that, the journey to get there is anything but. There are late nights, often into the early hours of the morning when a post event/midnight bump out is required. There is a lot of heavy lifting, moving furniture and the like. We are also constantly on our feet; on average I would cover at least 15km on a typical wedding set up.

  • What would be the best tips you can give someone wanting to start their own business?

I have so many but one I feel has contributed to the success of Bertie Does in a fairly competitive industry is to “not think of your competitors as enemies”.

Particularly for small business owners such as us stylists who primarily work alone, so much can become of networking with like-minded people who work within the same industry and have similar clients, business processes, challenges etc. Amazing opportunities can also come out of such relationships; many of our events have been a referral from another Planner/Stylist who did not have the capacity to take it on and likewise, there have been countless times where we have done the same.

  • What is the most memorable/favourite moment from your job?

We always do a first look with our couples and this is without a doubt my favourite moment which I luckily get to experience time and time again. We invest so much time in each of our weddings and events; hours upon hours of planning, site visits, meetings, concept design, not to mention the close relationship we have developed with our clients over that journey so to be able to witness them see their wedding reception for the first time is a pretty amazing feeling.

  • The most fun part of your job is?

Dreaming and designing the concepts; then working with so many insanely talented people to bring it all together. There is something pretty amazing about standing in a space with your team just before guests arrive, adrenalin pumping and taking in the result of many months of planning and hard work.

  • Can you offer any tips for Brides planning their wedding, or someone planning an event?

Do your research and invest in good vendors, not necessarily the cheapest. A wedding is a huge production and whilst the planning of it is one component brides find they can do quite easily, the execution of it is generally left up to the vendors so it is important you have a team that is experienced, reliable and on top of everything! If you don’t have a Planner or a Stylist and have the ability to, then invest in an On The Day Coordinator as they will ensure that the running of the day, from set up through to formalities is seamless and relaxed.

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