Interview with Tiffany Keal from Tiffany Keal Creative Studio

We spoke to the visionary and dedicated Tiffany Keal from Tiffany Keal Creative Studio. Perth just keeps producing outstanding creatives by the numbers, it is a state to be reckoned with. Tiffany's styling stood out to us not only for impeccable execution but for her dreamy and romantic design aesthetic. There is an art to her styling and we hope you enjoy reading her answers as much as we did.

Tiffany Keal Creative Studio offer Creative Direction, Styling, Events, Wedding Styling and Production is their business. And their passion.

They consider it a privilege to tell couples stories, so they approach each project with an attitude of inclusivity and collaboration, working to bring visions to life. They create an environment an audience will naturally be curious to interact with, from large scale installations, to the perfect colour palette for the next event.

Q & A's

Growing up, your dream job/career was?

A Chef or Designer…I chose design and as it turns out I married a chef instead – I feel this was the best option…no regrets there! Best of both worlds.

Besides your own, list 3 favourite Instagram accounts that you follow?

@teaaalexis – Takes me to dreamland instantly, without any kind of limitations.

@accidentallywesanderson – I get lost in their feed, every time!

@doctorcooper – Curated in a way the blooms take my breath away…time and time again.

If you had to only eat 1 dessert for the rest of your life what would it be?

I’m not a huge sweet tooth, yet I certainly make up for it with savoury! My husband does make anincredible Oreo Cheesecake that would have to be my go to dessert choice.

What has been your most successful post and why do think it was so successful?

Ruth & Evan’s beautiful property Wedding in the South West, beautifully captured by Nectarine. It was such a visual dreamscape that captivated our viewers.

What would you say your aesthetic and style is that makes your business stand out and attracts your clients?

We pride ourselves on our love of creating a new concept and style unique to every client. I feel this versatility is definitely an attractive trait, as can be seen on our Instagram feed, we don’t hold ourselves to one look. We strive to push visual boundaries and create magic that can be remembered by that client as their own. We consider it a privilege to tell each client’s story, and with my background in set design and visual merchandising, understand how to then take their story and turn it into a physical aesthetic to draw people in.

The inspiration behind starting your business came from?

Tiffany Keal Creative Studio came about very organically. By no means was it the perfect timing, I was pregnant with my son, Winston…yet I very much take an all or nothing approach to everything I set out to do. I had no intention to start my own business, yet as the request for freelance work grew, at this time my dad encouraged me to create a strong business plan. With my dad having an extensive background in running successful business’s, he was a great guide through this process. This kickstarted a little light in me that was looking to take my creativity out into the world at a much greater scale.

The biggest misconception about your job is?

That it’s glamorous! I’d say the most glamorous part of our job would be moments prior to guests arriving, we take a giant breath and raise our glass of bubbles to the couple and our team. I LOVE creating captivating, beautiful moments, however it is very much a misconception that the beauty did not come without the endless hard work, mess and the unknown.

What would be the best tips you can give someone wanting to start their own business?

First and foremost I would encourage perseverance to push through all the initial obstacles. Self doubt can be a challenge with designing and so many variables and unknowns in the outcome, so creating strategies to work through this helps.

Having a strong business plan in place is another factor. This important part of the process can be overlooked, as you’re so keen to get started – however setting yourself short term and long term goals allows for achievements to be made along the way and lets you know you’re heading in the right direction… with room to change direction too!

What is the most memorable/favourite moment from your job?

My most favourite moment of this job would have to be on the completion of our wedding setups for our gorgeous couples. We always love to stay around for their first look reactions – that moment of seeing their faces light up as they enter into the space created specifically for them evokes a special, proud feeling for us. Nothing is more satisfying than walking away knowing you have done your job to the best of your ability and that the client loves it just as much as we do! This goes hand in hand with watching the show unfold, seeing guests embracing the space as we had dreamed.

The most fun part of your job is?

The most fun part of this job is definitely the site visits. I love venturing out, meeting up with the client and letting our imagination run free as we throw all kinds of ideas out in the open without limitation. To visualise and dream up what could be is definitely an enjoyable feeling for the creative industry. Then pulling this all together into our visual creative takes those big dreams and starts to turn them into a reality.

Can you offer any tips for Brides planning their wedding, or someone planning an event?

If you’re planning a wedding or an intimate event, allocate a special area to focus on. This could be a beautiful lounging area or a feature entrance – a space or element that will WOW your guests and take them on a journey to remember.

Feature image credit : Natasja Kremers

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