Kung Fu party for Andrew

Ask any child what theme they want for their 5th birthday, and I bet that alongside the look of utter excitement at being given the responsibility of choosing a theme, will come the suggestion of their favorite character or movie.

Andrew became the master of his destiny, choosing a Kung Fu Panda Party to be styled by Isabels Confetti, which became pure customized awesomeness!


Isabels Confetti had this to say about the event - 'I had such a blast creating this party, there really isn't much on Kung Fu Panda so it was a challenge. My favourite part would have to be the donut wall and also the napkins on the kids table!! The kids played loads of games including some racing challenged, pass the parcel just to name a few. They also had some face painting which the kids loved!'




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Vendors: Styling, photography: Isabels Confetti Cupcake and cookie toppers: Isabels Confetti Cakes: New York Patisseries Backdrop: Pretty and Print

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