Lucy's Aloha Birthday

If you've ever wanted an example of how a few well crafted accessories can be just as impactful as a completely themed celebration - look no further than today's fresh, modern and minimal Aloha birthday. Designed by Sophie for her daughters 8th birthday, the colour palette and execution of this set up is stunning. We can't look past the Tropical foliage wreath, pineapple cake, or scattered greenery that looks fresh against the sharp whites of the table cloth. img_3345 Designing the party, Sophie had this to say.... 'My eldest daughter Lucy was turning 8 and had been commenting on a pineapple party from the start of the year. Being used to always doing such pretty and very pink parties this was quite different and exciting! Starting with a modern palm and pineapple party theme, I introduced a colour palette of green foliage, white, and Gold. There were pineapples scattered all over the house!' img_3346 img_3347 img_3349 img_3350 img_3351 img_3348 img_3352 img_3353 img_3354 Vendors Foliage Wreath: Lillypad Weddings Pineapple Cake and Cookies: Jo J Sweets Pineapple Chocolates and Cheescake Cups: Sophie Aspros

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