Its 'Manly Month' here at OIP and we are sharing with you the latest trends in beverage stations. Why do girls have all the fun? There is so much girly party inspiration everywhere that we wanted to celebrate the dudes too. Parties don't have to be all sparkle and glitz they can be sophisticated and dapper as these drink stations. You don't have to go to all the trouble of hiring a bar cart you could use an old piece of furniture at home. If your man is a no fuss kind a guy then you could always fill an old bath tub with his favorite frothies!

Some drinks of choice are: Beer (an obvious one) There are so many delicious craft beers around that you are spoiled for choice. Sangria - You can get creative with styling using glassware, fresh fruit and drink stirrers. Wine - Who doesn't like wine? Why not make this a tasting night paired with some grazing platters and cheese. Whisky - Very on trend, not much to it. Select a few of your mans favorite brands, some ice and a short glass. Mixers and cigars are optional.

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