Mini Mothers Day Posy tutorial

If you are in need of an inexpensive thoughtful gift for the Mum’s in your life then we have a cute idea for you to try at home. You can get the kids to help create posy arrangements for Mothers Day. You could create one for Mum, one for Nan and one for Gran. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to make them feel special, a homemade gift is such a nice touch. You could even use some flowers from your garden and place them on Nan’s doorstep for a no contact delivery. Happy Mothers Day!


4 x small bunches of flowers


3 x types of coloured twine

Double sided tape

Butchers paper or kraft paper

Free printables – flags and posy wraps (2 x A4 colour prints)

3 x Wooden skewers


  1. Choose 4 small bunches of flowers. Make sure you have a selection of different colours and types of flowers, this will add texture and interest to your arrangements. We spent about $25 for 4 bunches from a flower market. This made 3 small posy’s.
  2. Once you’re home start by removing all rubber bands and packaging from the bunches. Keep the rubber bands for later and dispose of the rest of the packaging.
  3. Start arranging the flowers into 3 bunches, making sure you have a nice mixture of each type of flower.
  4. Trim the lengths of the stalks with your scissors and pull the leaves off towards the bottom of the stems.
  5. Once you’re happy with how each bunch is looking, tie the rubber bands around each one.
  1. Trim the white parts from the printed wraps using your scissors. Choose which flags you would like to use and cut these out with scissors.
  2. Attach each flag to a wooden skewer using double sided tape.
  1. Using a piece of butchers paper cut this to size, roughly an A3 size of paper. Fold this in half diagonally, not lining the corners up.
  2. Using one sheet of your free printable place this on top of the butchers paper and fold it over the bottom sheet.
  3. Flip the papers over and place one bunch in the center. You want to make sure you have a little of the stem coming out the bottom.
  4. Start to wrap the right side of the papers around your bunch. When you have used up all of the paper place a strip of double sided tape onto the inside of the paper and stick it the wrap.
  1. Using some matching coloured twine cut 1 meter length for each of your posy’s and wrap this around and tie off.
  2. Stick each flag into your chosen posy and you’re finished!

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