Everyone has those days (or those weeks) where you are run down and you just need to unwind and take a bath. At OIP we believe in working hard whilst also taking the time to take care of your inner beauty and relax. So for the ultimate way to pamper yourself, we have compiled an assortment of unique products and DIYs that you can make your bathing experience even more delightful! BOMB-LICIOUS Add special effects to your bathing ritual with these sweet bath bombs. These dessert bath bombs look so cute and delicious that they're good enough to eat! TRANQUILITY SALTS Have sore muscles or had a tough day? Test out these bath salts! These will soothe away any muscle pain.
salt Images (left to right) via: Spartan Shop, Anthropologie & DIY Projects
WHIPPED FROTH Try this fun new way to wash yourself! Not only will you be thoroughly entertained but these whipped concoctions will make your body all sweet and scrummy!
whipped Images (top left to bottom right) via: Shea Shea Bakery, Etsy, Etsy & Etsy
HERBAL SENSATION Step into a world of tranquility by turning an ordinary bath into a tea bath. These beautiful spices will take away the stress of the day in no time.
tea Images (left to right) via: Etsy, Leif & Traditional Medicinals
LUSCIOUS SCRUBS Spend $40 on a body scrub? Don't bother! Try these delectable easy to-do DIY scrubs! These scrubs will make your skin baby bottom smooth!
scrub Images (left to right) via: The Idea Room, Craftinge & Brydie

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