OIP BEAUTY - Fancy Flat Lays

For the beauty bloggers and beauty lovers out there, we've gathered some beautiful product flat lays for your inspiration! From symmetrical to disarrayed arrangements, we have gathered the best of the best photographs for you to enjoy! With the use of flowers, magazines and handbag accessories, we'll show you how to take your flat lay to the next level. ELEGANT BABY BREATHS Add a feminine and organic touch to your product shot with some lovely baby breaths.
bfc25cfd6bc8cef4bf8f6ec139ef6edb (1) Image via: Barely There Beauty
VIVID ACCENTS To spice up a flat lay try some bright accents. It definitely adds a little more pop to your shot!
beauty+essentials Image via: Honey & Velvet
BAG OF ESSENTIALS For those wanting to show off their must have hand bag items, this is a great creative way!
Flat lay exmaple_Lust Have It! (1) Image via: Women's Stuff
LAVISH A handbag that is spilled with luxury. Try ivory flowers as an elegant compliment to your lavish products. MONOCHROMATIC & BLUSH An absolute classic arrangement of black and white products with pale pink accents.
dbb65b205f96fa0efa253323e289aab3 Image via: @phoebesoup
SPLASH OF FRAGRANCE Add a splatter of colour for a more striking approach to photograph your most loved perfumes.
tumblr_m3pltdwzjl1qinp4fo1_1280 Image via: MJBEAUTYCONCEPT
CRUSHED POWDERS For more energy in your product shots add some crushed loose powders.
Dior-Beauty-Styling-Flatlay-1 Image via: Margoandme

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