Out with the rainbow and now introducing holographic beauty! 2017 will be known for the year of holographic everything. Iridescent eyeshadows, multi-dimensional highlighters and prismatic pouts, are exploding all over social media! We've already mentioned this opalescent craze briefly in our Festival Makeup post however, we would be doing 2017 an injustice if we didn't delve deeper! We’re in love with this trend and we’re going to show you the multidimensional ways you can wear this celestial trend! FUTURISTIC HIGHLIGHT Add a futuristic touch to your makeup by trying a holographic highlighter! This takes glow to whole other world.
highlight Images (top left to bottom right) via: @lunafortun, @littledustmua, Pinterest & @missjazminad
OPALESCENT LOCKS A massive trend for 2017, these subtle metallic highlights catches the light and gives the impression that the hair is mystically changing colours.
hair Images (left to right) via: @shelleygregoryhair, @mermicornhair & @scissorette
CELESTIAL SHADOW Captivate extraterrestrials with your outer space chromatic eyeshadow!
eyes Images (top left to bottom right) via: @iamcharityleigh, @brittanyivery, @lindahalberg & Pinterest
LUSTROUS LIPS Bored of ordinary lipstick? Then try these bold holographic lipsticks!
lips Images (top left to bottom right) via: @missjazminad, @stav_vicious, @gerardcosmetics & @alexandra_anaele
PRISMATIC CLAWS Any nail lover would be mesmerised by these stunning glimmering designs! Don't be surprised if you're caught staring at your manicure for hours!
nails Images (top left to bottom right) via: @lovelynailssouthsea, Pinterest, Pinterest & Pinterest

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