Did you know that there is a little magic in everything we see if we just look closely enough? To explain further, we took Sandi and Bella from Kids Fashion Blogger on a special excursion to meet some of our interesting friends that we have met through NYX Professional Makeup at Luna Park in St Kilda. Read on to see some of the fun unfurl... Sandi and Bella arrived in the early autumn morning in the most adorable matching outfits, (who doesn't love a mini me moment!) and being friends of OIP, we managed to organise a VIP experience for them. Lucky little Bella got to ride the rides exclusively! Little Bella had so much fun that she wanted to do a bit of a takeover from us and tell you her side of how things went down...
Bella: Mummy and I got to go on so many fun rides! I was a little bit overwhelmed by it all so early in the morning, that I just had to sneak in a little cheeky nap. When I finally woke up, I couldn't find my mummy anywhere and had to go for a little walk to look for her.
Little did Bella know what was in store for her along the way through this wonderful journey. When Bella woke up she was beautifully dressed in an exquisite couture piece from Kadimé, and shoes were from Clarks. She didn't understand why she was dressed so beautifully and was still dazed from her little nap. She started to wander through the Park and found herself at the Party Tram.
Bella: When I woke up, I was wearing the prettiest pink dress and prettiest shoes! I didn't know what was going on though, so I thought maybe I should go look for someone to help me find my mummy. I was hiding when luckily I found some wonderful friends who helped me feel better.
Bella was greeted by some very wonderful and colourful magical characters at Luna Park, the ringmaster Lara, the gypsy Chelsea, the mime Emily, the fortune teller duo Elise and Crystal and the friendly clown Allie. These talented girls did their own make up and hair, and dressed up their costumes supplied by Blossom Costumes. Bella soon forgot all about her troubles. At Luna Park with your friends, what else can you do but have lots of fun!
Bella: My friends and I walked around Luna Park to look for my mummy, but we ended up having lots of fun on the rides and then found a hidden play area where there was an amazing dessert table where we were allowed to eat! This is the best day ever!
Bella and her friends found themselves at the party centre of Luna Park, where balloons where set up by The Confetti Room, fairy floss cart from Events by Alysia (supplied with another friendly clown, Alysia herself!) cakes made especially for Bella and her friends by Call Me Ginger and a massive variety of desserts made by Taylor Made Gourmet. What a sugar high! With their tummies full, Bella and her friends were ready to take on a challenge!
Bella: When we were wandering through Luna Park, we found our way to the Ghost train and it was a little scary at first but me and my friends ended up having so much fun.
Phew... Outside Again! After having so much fun, Bella was feeling a lit bit tired so she decided to lie down for a bit... perhaps a little nap (again!)... This time Bella woke up to find her mummy Sandi trying to wake her up. But... Why was she in her old dress? Where were her magical friends? Was all that fun just a dream? We'll let you decide... Bye for now!


Models: Bella and Sandi from Kids Fashion Blogger Characters: Chelsea Fenech, Emily Mercurio, Elise Boyle, Lara Wirth, Allie Holly Stephens, Crystal Zanghi Make Up used: NYX Professional Makeup Venue: Luna Park Melbourne Bella's Dress: Kadimé Bella's Shoes: Clarks Desserts: Taylor Made Gourmet Cakes: Call Me Ginger Fairy Floss Cart: Events by Alysia Costumes: Blossom Costumes Balloons: The Confetti Room

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