Motherhood Moments

“There’s no way to be a perfect mother and a million ways to be a good one.” —Jill Churchill

It’s already the end of April and 2018 cannot go by any faster! It really makes us wonder how many little moments in our everyday lives we tend to take for granted. With Mother’s Day gearing up, we really should stop to think about all those tender moments that we so often don’t appreciate. This editorial gives us a rare glimpse into some of those precious moments between Rayna Hardwick, a hardworking, successful and beautiful mother and her 4 young daughters. Rayna and her husband work hard every day to raise their little army of girls (who run the world!) Bringing emotional and intellectual creativity to every day nurturing (and unconditional love) are just some of the job roles a modern mum has in today’s society. With so many expectations and pressures, mums are faced with (Yup, all of us at OIP are bonafide mums!) sometimes they tend to forget to take care of themselves. It is important to really cherish those little quiet moments that so rarely occur. We wanted to pamper Rayna; who doesn't have the time to spoil herself as she’s always putting herself last! (Aren’t we all guilty of that!?) But 2018 is the year for #selflove and it’s about time Mumma knows her worth! So, we invaded her beautiful country home and transformed it into an OIP paradise! With the help of an awesome dream team (Yet again! We love our vendors!), we were able to bring this editorial to life. Before it all kicked off, Rayna was treated to an early morning pamper session from Lorie Bekiri Hair and Makeup, who created a beautiful glow and some natural waves for Rayna. After that, she was able to really start her day with Team OIP! The morning kicked off with her precious little mini-me’s (even her 18-month-old twins joining in!) for some breakfast in bed with mummy dearest, who also happened to be rocking the most comfortable PJ’s from Clementine Sleepwear. The breakfast in bed tray came complete with a mini pancake and waffle stack, tea and coffee for a beverage of choice, Mummy Rayna was already feeling overwhelmed with emotion. After Mummy Rayna was done having some breakfast in bed, we took her out to reveal her new dining room space! It wouldn’t be an OIP styled room without all of our usual bells and whistles - which always would consist of balloons, carefully constructed by Zayna Fratto Weddings and Events, they matched our mood board colours perfectly. Zayna also customised beautiful jumbo balloons, with witty puns like “Ain’t no hood like Motherhood!” and “I get it from my Mama”. It also wouldn’t be a celebration without desserts and with the help of Sugar Mommas (perfect fit for this editorial!) who created a pink floral drip cake masterpiece and matching floral doughnuts. Little Polka Dot Pantry created the amazing pink marshmallow heart cake and For An Angel Cake created Mother’s Day themed cookies, mini heart shaped cookie cakes and the white buttercream cake partnered with the cake toppers from Laura Elizabeth Designs. Speaking of Laura, she also created printed and scored the gorgeous custom Mother’s Day greeting cards, origami chatterboxes and the breakfast in bed tray backing design. Also donned on the dining table was a custom designed tablecloth and custom dyed napkins from Digital Fabrics, and the centre of the dining table was decorated alternating dessert and beautiful fresh blooms from Bloombox Co. Now if Rayna wasn’t already full from breakfast and love from the kids, she would not be let down by the array of desserts on the dining table! After that sweet encounter, we showed her the beautiful gifts that were organised to show, how appreciated she was as a mum, and to remind her that she shouldn’t neglect herself, as remember #selflove is a big one this year! Perfume from Miu Miu and Chloé would put a smile on any girl’s face, but Rayna also received from the kids and hubby, a personalised cosmetics bag, a personalised iPhone case, and the most amazing Baby bag we’ve ever laid our eyes upon (wish we had this when we had our babies!) all from The Daily Edited, 2 new faux fur coats from Unreal Fur, one in pale pink and the other burgundy, a gorgeous silk blue maxi dress from Kholo the Label, and the most exquisite summer capes from Cape Capri. But the real surprise was that Rayna’s little munchkins got little goodies too, because once a mum, always a mum - they are selfless and always put their family first! The little girls all received gorgeous matching outfits from Little Hearts Co. and matching Unreal Fur jackets and Cape Capri capes for them all as well! All in all, looking back on such a fun day with Rayna and her gorgeous girls at her amazing property, we are reminded (as we shortlist all the images to show you) that there truly are motherhood moments in everything we do. From the softest touch of a mother’s loving embrace to the giggles and cuddles you get just because the children feel like being extra affectionate! We hope this editorial reminds you never to forget how special you (and all the mums) are. Until next time - bye for now!


Models: Rayna Hardwick of Living Life & Style and her beautiful daughters Hair & Makeup: Lorie Bekiri Hair and Makeup Personalised Leather Goods: The Daily Edited Perfume and Skincare: Coty for Miu Miu & Chloé Matching Mummy and Mini Capes: Cape Capri Pyjamas: Clementine Sleepwear Rayna's blue dress: Kholo the Label Faux Fur Coats: Unreal Fur Balloons: Zayna Fratto Weddings and Events Custom Tablecloth & napkins: Digital Fabrics Children's dresses: Little Hearts Co. Stationary & Signage: Laura Elizabeth Designs Heart Marshmallow Cake: Little Polka Dot Pantry White Buttercream cake, Cookies & Cookie cakes: For An Angel Cake Pink Floral Cake and Floral Donuts: Sugar Mommas Florals: Bloombox Co.

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