OIP Style- Winter Weekend Ready

As the cold days roll on, it gets harder to peel ourselves away from the comfort and warmth of our couch, home and possibly snuggie. We prefer to stay in over braving the chill outside, and can you blame us?! For those dreading the weekend plans, we thought we could offer some winter inspiration. And yes we are aware it is only Wednesday, but should you need to step out of your snuggie, then here’s your winter pick-me-up! Add some bedazzled jewellery, a dash of colour or explore different textures to brighten up those dull cold days.

red pantImage via: Man Repeller

wool skirt Image via: Harper's Bazaar

grey sweaterImage via: Sincerely Jules

silk dressImage via: Azalea pom pom sweaterImage via: Collage Vintage

red pumpsImage via: Pinterest

blush pink skirt Image via: vogue.co.uk

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