OIP Style - Fashion's IT girl, Mira Duma

mira-duma-itgirl-pregnant She may be petite but don’t let that throw you off; seen all over street fashion blogs and sites for her habitually chic style, Miroslava Duma is always one foot ahead of the fashion game. Outside of being a source of fashion inspiration for many, Miroslava is an innovative digital entrepreneur in the world of international fashion. She is the founder of digital company Buro 24/7 and its lifestyle and fashion platform Buro247.com.au. She is also the co- founder of an online store, The Tot-showcasing carefully curated stylish and practical items for mothers and babies, with an emphasis on safe, healthy and innovative products- just what we have been waiting for! Finally, adding to her #girlboss achievements, she has launched her latest project, Fashion Tech Lab – to put in short, a venture capital fund that supports and encourages new technologies that are sustainable innovations, and helping the fashion industry in reducing its ecological and social footprint. Fashion forward and environmentally friendly-definitely two terms we like to see in a sentence! What hasn’t she thought of?! All jokes aside, Miroslava has proven to be one of the most innovative thinkers and leaders in the industry and she has only just begun. Amongst it all, Miroslava is a mother to George, Anna, and days ago, welcomed her third child. Yep, she manages to lead three international companies while mothering 3 little ones at the young age of 32. Superwoman? We think so! Miroslava Duma, you inspire us.
mira-duma-itgirl-dress Image via: The Cut
mira-duma-red-dress-itgirl Image via: Purse Blog
mira-duma-yellow-jumper-itgirl Image via: Harper's Bazaar
mira-duma-itgirl Image via: Pinterest
mira-duma-itgirl Image via: Purse Blog
mira-duma-baby-blue-coat-itgirl Image via: Vogue Spain
mira-duma-beret-itgirl Image via: The Cut
mira-duma-purple-dress Image via: Purse Blog

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