OIP Style - Make a statement!

pearl-statement-earring Image via: Vogue Spain
These accessories won't go un noticed, they are big, bold, they are statement earrings! With the ability to tie any outfit together, whether it be a black tie event or casual denim and tee kind of outfit, they will work for you. We love that statement earrings are so versatile and how they make us feel, after a little boost as you leave the house? or want to bring your look from day to evening, pop on a dazzling pair and you instantly radiate throughout the day or night. Don't be afraid to experiment. Dress your ears with something special and prepare to make a statement!
jenny-walton-statement-earrings Image via: J Crew
white-statement-earrings Image via: @naeemkhannyc
tassle-statement-earrings Image via: Soraya Bakhtiar
gold-statement-earrings Image via: Pinterest
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