OIP Style - Tie it, wrap it, scarf it!

At Oh It's Perfect we can appreciate a quick trick to turn any look from drab to fab. This week's wardrobe special, is the underrated scarf. Adorned around the neck is the traditional fail safe, go-to. Tied around loosely a couple of times for a choker effect, knotted or draped, there are many ways to add this perfect statement accessory.

As seen in on a lot of fashion's elite, the scarf is no longer just a neck accessory. It can be wrapped around the wrist, wrapped or tied around a handbag, tied or looped through as belt, tied around your ponytail or bun, wrapped and knotted as a top, and the last one, tied around your ankle. Yes, ankle!

Tie it, wrap it, around anywhere or anything for the instant chic feel. We are all for a quick look and feel good answer!


how-to-wear-neck-scarf Images (from top left to bottom right) via: Pinterest, Pinterest, Meaghan Smith, Topshop


how-to-wear-scarf-hair Images (from top left to bottom right) via: 90 Fashion, Rue Now, WhoWhatWear, Elin Kling


how-to-wear-scarf-accesories Images (from top left to bottom right) via: They All Hate Us, Fazhion, The Zoe Report, Mapp Craft


how-to-wear-scarf-top Images (from left to right) via: Free People, Free People


scarf-ankle Image via: Pinterest

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