OIP Style - TRENDING: The kitten heel just got a whole lot cooler

trending-low-heel-gucci Image via: Vogue Mexico
For so long now, we have associated looking sky high fabulous with a pinch of pain. That in order to look the part, you had to give up some feeling in the feet and toes. There has been a noticeable trend in town-the kitten and low-heeled shoes, all over the runways and street style. We know. This could be foot life changing! Comfort and chic in the same sentence, would you have ever guessed? The kitten heel is back and cooler than ever. You might re-think how you feel about the tiny sweet heel. Do you believe in the kitten heel? Should it be heel or flat, no in between? We'll let you be the judge!
trending-kitten-heel-embellished Image via: Vogue Paris
trending-low-heel-embellishment Image via: They All Hate Us
trending-slides-low-heel Image via: Vogue Paris
street_style_paris_fashion_week_778918937_1384x923 Image via: Vogue Mexico
trending-kitten-heel-chanel Image via: Vogue Mexico
trending-dior-kitten-heel Image via: Damsel in Dior
trending-embellished-low-heel-slides Image via: Tory Burch
trending-kitten-heel Image via: Pinterest
trending-comfort-low-heel Image via: Livingly

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