Louis, like many young boys, is a plane fanatic. For his second birthday, his mother, founder of Honeypunch, knew that she couldn’t resist styling his celebration to fit this theme, with her own modern spin.

Having seen many retro and vintage plane themed parties, she wanted something that had more of a contemporary and simplistic feel, which is where the idea of a ‘paper plane’ party came about.

They wanted to create a backyard feel and held the event at home in their apartment. The neutral colour palette and textures were made up of greenery, blackboard, cardboard, wooden palettes and crisp whites.

To tie in the childish spin of ‘travelling on planes’, she used custom-made pieces from businesses found on Instagram, to help bring the theme to life.

With the help of Print and Party, she was able to design some custom artwork labels and stickers, such as ‘In Flight Refreshments, Service or Snacks' for all the party goodies. This is in addition to the adorable ‘Check In’, at the front door, ‘Passport Photos’ for the photo booth set up, ‘VIP Lounge’ for the additional seating nook, and ‘In Case of Emergency’ plaque used on the indoor slide.

The custom garland kit from Parties Made Pretty was a pivotal piece of the theme. Almost all of the 217 balloons were used to create the balloon garland were used to create the ‘cloud of balloons’, which transformed the living room and ‘set the scene for our sky-high flying, two-year-old pilot.

Lastly, what would a Paper Plane themed birthday party be without actual paper planes?! This fabulous piece was created by Collections by KNB. Such a simple idea, yet very striking, especially over the greenery installation.

Honeypunch says that she had a wonderful time working on the details and bringing the theme to life and that she knows her passengers (A.K.A her family) had a great time, as did their little pilot who was on a high all day!

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