Pastel Unicorn Fiesta

Who can resist a unicorn party and pastel colours! This Unicorn theme party was held in Ecuador for a family celebration honouring a grandmother who turned 96 years of age styled by Helen Guzman from Bonito Design. Who sweetly cried out of joy and absolutely loved it!

The dessert table was decorated with rainbow cookies, unicorn cake topper, unicorn cake pops, sprinkle cake with marshmallow, mini unicorn pinatas, ice cream cones filled with flavoured popcorn, vanilla cupcakes with popcorn and lollipop. All the vendors were from Ecuador, except the gorgeous unicorn cake topper by Joycie Cakes that took a plane ride with us.

The setup was also done so at the prettiest outdoor space to take pictures. There were balloons on the floor, tulle and arranged furniture to create a simple yet chic look.

"We all had the best time together and I was so happy to have brought this vision to life with the help of my family and most importantly able to celebrate with them all. This event was beyond special and happily successful! It was truly a unicorn party in every sense of the word." - Helen Guzman. BONITO DESIGN EVENTS UNICORN 55 Bonito DEsign Events Unicorn balloons BONITO_DESIGN_EVENTS_UNICORN4 BONITO_DESIGN_EVENTS_UNICORN5 BONITO_DESIGN_EVENTS_UNICORN6 BONITO_DESIGN_EVENTS_UNICORN10 BONITO_DESIGN_EVENTS_UNICORN13 BONITO_DESIGN_EVENTS_UNICORN15 BONITO_DESIGN_EVENTS_UNICORN17 BONITO_DESIGN_EVENTS_UNICORN18 BONITO_DESIGN_EVENTS_UNICORN21 BONITO_DESIGN_EVENTS_UNICORN23 BONITO_DESIGN_EVENTS_UNICORN26 BONITO_DESIGN_EVENTS_UNICORN28 BONITO_DESIGN_EVENTS_UNICORN30 BONITO_DESIGN_EVENTS_UNICORN32 BONITO_DESIGN_EVENTS_UNICORN37 Event Stylist: Bonito Design Instagram: @bonitodesign Unicorn Cake Topper: Joycie Cakes Cake: Dulce Creacion de Juana Cupcakes: Cupcakes And Co EC Pinata: La Luna Es Magica Cake Pops & Cookies: DMagicas Venue: Nazu Hostel Penthouse

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