If you love entertaining, then having a fully stocked bar cart is essential. Not only does it mean your guests are free to help themselves and you’re not having to make drinks to order all night, it also means you’re always ready to party at the drop of a hat! styling-a-bar-cart We’ve compiled a handy list of all you need to create your very own mini-bar – we love Bowerhouse and their range of chic bar carts that can also be wheeled out to your pool or bbq area. While a dedicated bar cart is perfect for that empty space in your house and creating a permanent entertaining corner, you could also get creative and convert a shelf or even a butler’s tray for your next party. To take your bar cart to the next level, add to the mix a gorgeous print, some coasters, paper straws, some fresh flowers and you have a magazine-worthy bar cart. Here’s a handy list of all you need to create and style the perfect bar cart: Spirits A mix of at least 2 of the following: Gin Vodka Bourbon Whiskey Scotch Rum Tequila Triple Sec Liquor White & Red wine Champagne Mixers Tonic Sparkling Water Ginger Ale Angostura Bitters Barware Ice Bucket Cocktail Shaker & accoutrements Bottle opener/corkscrew Glassware Champagne Highball Tumbler Garnishes Lemons Limes Olives Decorative Drink coasters Paper straws Cocktail picks Poster or prints Napkins Fresh flowers Here's a roundup of our favourites from around the web;
styling-a-bar-cart Via honestlywtf
bar-cart-styling Via glitterguide
bar-cart-styling via Burlap & Lace
styling-a-bar-cart Via ehow
Styling-a-barcart Via gingersnapjordan
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