It’s no secret here at OIP that WE LOVE DESSERT! And we sure know a thing or two about how to style a dessert table. We want to share with you a few tips and secrets to create that perfect show stopping, jaw dropping, Instagram worthy winning dessert table.

Dessert tables are a great way to help tie your party theme in together. Whether it be for a 4 year old or a 40 something year old, you can make it work.

The Puddles Cake Company

Get inspired – Your initial design and inspiration should come from the party host themselves. Whether it is a colour, their favourite dessert, a character, flowers or the venue. You can get tonnes of inspiration from the OIP blog or from amazing parties we feature on our website. We create inspirational styled shoots monthly and we always include a dessert table! Yum! Planning – Is key to a successful dessert table. Start with the table size itself. How big is it? Then you can work out how much dessert you will need to create the finished look you want. Budget will also come into play. You may want to have the whole table created by your favourite dessert designer or a few. Or spend the money on one hero piece and create the rest of the matching desserts yourself. It’s a good idea to perhaps sketch what you are thinking. Dessert selection – Is very important. Some desserts that are pleasing to the eye may not be so great to eat. You don’t want to end up throwing out half the table. Any number of desserts from 6-8 is a good starting point. Some of our favourite dessert table items are: Cake, Cookies, Éclairs, Cupcakes, Meringues, Dessert Cups, Donuts, Brownies, Tarts, Shards, and Chocolate Dipped anything! Colour – Can start from 2 to up 5 colour selections. It’s a great idea to have swatches or Pantone numbers to give to your dessert designer so they can match. Nothing worse than your pinks not matching your other pink tones. Also keep in mind that while white platters look great, white desserts do not picture the best. People eat with their eyes and the more appealing the desserts look the more likely your guests will devour them. Sorry black iced cupcakes you won’t be getting a mention here. Focal Point – What is your focal point? Is it the main cake or is it a gorgeous flower arrangement. You want to decide this early and make sure it is the hero of the table. Interesting Levels – This can be done with cake stands, plinths, risers and platters. The triangle effect is an easy go to when in the planning stages. Your hero piece is at the top of the triangle, then next to it are your large desserts followed by the shorter and smaller items in the front. Remember your table doesn’t always have to be symmetrical. Décor – This is where your styling can be taken to the next level. Backdrops create interest and are great way to tie your design into your dessert table. Balloons, table coverings, laser cut words, signage and florals are all perfect additions. We are huge fans of toppers so get creative with what goes on top of your desserts.

Here are a few of our favourite inspirational dessert tables:

Luxe Couture Events


Glam Wonder


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Sweet Event Styling By Thanh Tran


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Paris 312

Miss Saturday

Boutique Balloons Melbourne

Party Pins

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