10 Colourful My Little Pony Party Ideas

What little girl doesn't love Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie and the other Ponies? 'My Little Pony' is the perfect theme for a girl's party - the vibrant, rainbow colours of the ponies make a wonderful backdrop to a fun-filled party.

Party Ideas

1. Colourful Room Decorations

All you need are a variety of colourful ribbons, material or streamers - shades of yellow, pink, green, purple and blue will do. They can be vibrant and bright or pastel and subtle. My Little Pony Table Decorations

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My Little Pony [arty pompoms

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2. My Little Pony Place Setting

Rainbow place settings and cups add a splash of fun to a table setting. My Little Pony Table Setting

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My Little Pony Toys

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3. Balloons

Balloons may be an obvious choice for a party but filling them with helium and making a spectacular balloon wall will have a huge impact. My Little Pony Party Balloons

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4. Flowers

The shades of pink and purple, so popular in Pony Land, lend themselves to beautiful flower arrangements. My Little Pony Flowers

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My Little Pony Party Table Setting with flowers

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5. Pony Cake

The Birthday Cake is so often the star of the show - go crazy with icing and rainbow sprinkles - anything goes, especially when you pop a pony on top. My Little Pony Birthday Cake

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Dotty My Little Pony Cake

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6. Rainbow Cake Layers

You can also add to the 'wow' factor by making the inside of your cake as colourful as possible. Rainbow Cake Layers

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7. Cake Pops

Cake Pops are always a hit at parties - colourful icing and sprinkles are all you'll need to add some pony colours to the party. Cake Pops for My Little Pony Party

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8. Popcorn

This one's too easy, and a party pleaser. My Little Pony Party popcorn

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My Little Pony Ideas Popcorn

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9. Candy Colour Treats

Any treats with awesomely bright pony colour candies will add some fun. My Little Pony Party Candy colour treats

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10. Party Favours

Last but definitely not least, party favours are the final flourish of the day. My Little Pony Party Favour bags

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