10 Ways to Get Creative with your Seating Chart

Say good bye to the days of boring seating charts and say hello to some epic ways to seat your guests. We have found the cutest, most quirkiest charts that will engage your guests and can also be a standalone feature. Depending on what type of Wedding vibe you are wanting to achieve will depend on what style of seating display you choose.

Beverages - Now that's a creative way to get the party started! If you love to indulge in a beverage or two then these could be a great way to warm up your guests with a welcome drink. It could be a glass of sparkling champagne, your favorite shot or beer displayed on a cute wall.

Wedding Favors - Personally these are one of our favorite ways to display guest seating. A cute little personalised gift to take home! It could be a cup, glass, something to eat, sweet treat or even a luggage tag.

Wood - If rich and rustic is more your flavor then using wood for you seating chart could be an option. Finish it off with some hand lettering and you have yourself a gorgeous natural looking seating chart.

Fabric - Romantic and dreamy! So many fabrics to choose from and easily draped or hung. Get creative and layer a few different types or add some foliage.

Mirror - Could be the little bit of glitz and glam you were looking for. You could use mirror plinths, frames or hanging shapes. They look gorgeous in any space. Add some candles and florals to finish off the space.

Photos - These will need to prepped ahead of time. When you receive your RSVP's you can request an image from your guests. Print these out and create your seating chart. Your guests will have a fun checking out other guests images.

Block Colour Geometric Shapes - A real statement piece and very on trend at the moment. Get creative with the shapes, colours and the hanging method.

Quirky and Colourful - If this is more your style then you may need to think outside the box. Lover of music? Spray paint some old records and hand write your guest names to create a show stopping feature.

Acrylic - Such a fun and versatile material to work with. It comes in a range of different colours and finishes, its also easily available. Get creative with painting the surface or layering objects behind it.

Bottles and Vases - Another one of our favs! Such an interesting way to display seating arrangements. You can mix and match different bottles or try different homewares. The more different the items are the better as this will create interest. You could also try filling the wares with foliage or flowers to create more depth.

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