Coles and Woolworths Mud Cake Hack

Being a Mum/party planner can be tough when it comes to the year after year birthdays for family members. They need to have the wow factor, be extra special and showcase a different theme each time. Budget plays a big part in planning parties so why not save some money where you can. If you are time poor and still want to have that handmade element then try your hand at a pre bought cake hack and also one directly from the OIP team!

Both Coles and Woolworths sell a very similar cake for $4.80 each.

They can be decorated on there own or purchase a few and stack them to create a taller version. Below we have found a few of our favourites.

Now to get even more creative we had an OIP team member Lauren share her mud cake hack! This was her little boys dinosaur mountain complete with jelly filled volcano.

To start the process Lauren compiled images that she found on Pinterest and pulled different inspiration from a few different cakes to create the look she wanted to achieve. Using a quick sketch she could then plan her shopping list.

She purchased 4 mud cakes and stacked them to create the mountain, then covered them with pre made icing.

The volcano was created using coco puffs, melted butter and marshmallows. You can can a very similar recipe to create this here. Once the mixture was gooey she used grease proof paper, large plastic milk shake cup, spatula and a chopping board. You need to work quickly while the mixture is warm so it doesn't cool and set before you're ready. Using the spatula, pick up the coco puff mixture and mold it to the the cup to create the volcano shape. Once set keep the cup inside so you can fill it with red jelly.

Decorating the cake is the fun part, there are so many online retailers that sell specific coloured lollies and chocolates as well as figurines. To finish off the master pieces all you need is some candles!

Happy decorating!

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