12 places foliage will wow your wedding guests

Like ivy slowly infiltrating a building façade, interior design trends recurring creep into wedding concepts. What originated from the importance of texture over colour in home decor has resulted in awe inspiring installations of pure forestry that create depth and intricacy through accompanying greenery instead of florals. Wild and versatile vegetation, that when implemented correctly become capable of softening the rigid aesthetic of modern or urban industrial settings, creates the perfect accompaniment to rustic, woodland or bespoke celebrations and is the element that defines a tropical atmosphere. We at OIP can't get enough of the el natural trend! So in hopes of inspiring you to go full bush for your special day, we've weeded out 12 places you can implement foliage into your celebration to create a lasting impression, and highlight just how versatile foliage can be. 1. An entrance to remember Build a sense of grandeur and create a lasting first impression by adorning your venue entrance in garlands of foliage. Bushier greens will create the perception of scale, whereas pliable stems of leaves draped will create a sense of whimsy. 545d6ef89e45355dd1aaec72cfb8a58b

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2. Down the aisle Exude understated romance with moments of loose foliage down and around the aisle. We especially love the use of autumn leaves to create an almost sunset effect over the arch! texas-wedding-19-120815mc (1)

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3. The deconstructed arbour There is no restriction when it comes to what you say 'I do' in front of, so get creative by playing with concepts of height and asymmetry. Both arbors below derive from circular concepts, and the use of foliage gives it a bohemian feel. 5b6163bf17479f7d7b6d206122019018

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Ruffled - photo by Tracy Enoch Photography http://ruffledblog.com/organic-bohemian-wedding-inspiration

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4. A bushy bouquet Lush leafy textures juxtaposed against traditionally light gowns create an unmistakable modern feel, and lends perfect to a minimal palette. If a member of the bridal party suffers from a pollen allergy, going green is also very practical. MeganJeffLayersphoto8-e1433730537480

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5. Botanical bar If you're striving for a luxe feeling reception, create a styling moment around your bar by incorporating some botanics or a foliage garland. It'll breathe new life into a venue bar, give your guests a point of interest whilst waiting for a beverage and confirms you as the host with the most (create ways of incorporating foliage!) Calligraphy-Leaf-Wedding-Signage-OSBP

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6. Place setting A touch or rosemary tucked into the serviette to a banana leaf under a glass plate, the diversity of greenery and hire crockery gives you unlimited potential when it comes to your big days place settings, so get creative! Don't forget to consider how you could incorporate aroma to tantalize your attendees senses. If you're concerned with plants coming into contact with eating utensils get faux with items like repeat pattern tropic print napkins. 621172838156d280507adb0b26600f5c

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7. Along the table The living table runner is fast becoming a contemporary classic in wedding design as it exudes understated elegance, especially when draped down to the floor and surrounded by candle light. Make the most of your outward facing reception table with a mixture of varying textured and toned foliage. d98d280e0b3b8cb3011ff607d0453302

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8. Or above it The statement decor to end all statements! Eating under a canopy of greenery will truly make your guests feel as though they are one with nature. It also does a perfect job of hiding undesirable cords required for overhead lighting installations. 9729dedae0aa382f022f57fe06c8dfcf

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9. The perfect photo backdrop If you've implemented foliage into a plethora of other areas on the day, it only makes sense to incorporate it into what will likely become the most photographed area of the day. Below shows how it can be subtly draped or encompass the entire surface. Ruffled - photo by http://www.danfredo.com/ - http://ruffledblog.com/nordic-industrial-wedding-inspiration

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10. Or the accessory that 'has got your back' Continue a sense of immersion by adorning guest chairs with some leafy greens. Make them detachable and encourage your guests to take them home as an added favor. d001a40711f4c44bd5aa5263232d3886

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11. Dessert table If you're theme is rustic, bohemian or woodland, you can't go wrong pairing your naked cake with some bare greenery to emphasize the organic feel. If you're concerned about the foliage coming into contact with edibles, place it around the base of the table or cake stand. fd5efd34597949044e8ae0965e43e994 (1)2

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12. When you're ready for that quick getaway A classy car deserves more than some tin cans! Style it effortlessly with a foliage garland and hear it wisp in the wind as you set off into the sunset. 5csniaa

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