The Modern Dad - OIP Fathers Day Editorial

In recent years, many publications have taken it upon themselves to define the 'modern man'. Listing trivial or insignificant acts a male can perfect to accomplish what acquits to modern masculinity. While OIP don't agree with these seemingly rubbish lists, studies have shown that the modern dad now takes on more household and parenting responsibilities than their predecessors. We think that is a dad worth celebrating. So with Father's Day just a stone throw away, we've decided to present our modern dads with a contemporary and sophisticated celebration. Aiming to exude modern masculinity and embody the resilience of a fathers love, we focused on filling the space with a selection of stone and concrete elements, along with the most resilient plant life there is - cactus and succulents! Haven_OIP_Fathers_day_shoot-1 Between the quaint Stables of Como cafe and an adorable veggie patch complete with chickens, you couldn't help but feel as if on a country retreat setting up in the Garden Pavilion situated on the stunning grounds of the Como House and Garden. Receiving the space as a blank canvas, we knew it was essential to have furniture that emphasized a masculine and modern atmosphere. We could not look past Harry The Hirer and their perfect selection of monochromatic and modular furniture. We loved the geometric pattern in our dining chairs which accented the natural pattern of the succulents, and the marble bar which we can't wait to use again! Haven_OIP_Fathers_Day_shoot-35 Haven_OIP_Fathers_day_shoot-4 Now, usually dessert comes after the main meal but we can't let you scroll any further without mentioning our deconstructed dessert table runner. Boasting a little desert and a whole lot of dessert - the delicious Red Velvet concrete look cakes complete with (real!) cactus's were designed by Jo J Sweets, monochromatic cookies in various adorable and delightfully tasty cactus shapes were provided by Mr. Timothy James, and the amazing selection of delectable bites ranging from cupcakes to meringues, cake pops and popcorn used as the ground cover was created by the amazing Loryn Loves. cactus-cake cacti-cake Haven_OIP_Fathers_day_shoot-3 Haven_OIP_Fathers_day_shoot-2 Angela of Bespoke Botanics designed the breathtaking succulent installation which proudly hung above our Father's Day table, as well as providing and styling all of the perfectly executed plant life within the space. The raw prickly cactus hanging over our bar created such a unique juxtaposition, and we can't get over how cool, calm and collected she was handling what was some mean looking plant life. Using stone tile as the base of our place settings, PAPER Playground designed the adorable custom stationary suite complete with a too real concrete texture menus for dad and colour in menus for the kids. If you look closely enough along our table runner, you will also see some designs sticking out of the cupcakes! Haven_OIP_Fathers_day_shoot-23 Haven_OIP_Fathers_day_shoot-9 The catering was provided by the Stables of Como, and oh boy can they put on a spread! You'll be forgiven if caught drooling when you find out that as part of their Guy Tea menu, each dad received a Red Label Peroni, Wagu Beef Burger, BBQ Pork Mini Slider, Twice Cooked Chunky Chips, Mini Chicken Pies, a Red Velvet Lamington, Belgian Chocolate Golden Brownie, and Lemonade Scone. The kids were just as spoilt with the Tiny Human High Tea, which offers a Chocolate Milkshake, Fairy Bread Pinwheel, Ham & Cheese Sandwich, Mini Chicken Pie, Hot Diggity Dog, Mini Honey Joy, Belgian Chocolate Brownie and free flowing Hot Chocolate. Haven_OIP_Fathers_day_shoot-6 Haven_OIP_Fathers_day_shoot-7 Haven_OIP_Fathers_day_shoot-18 Capturing our celebration is the incredibly talented Emma of Haven Still and Moving Images. Able to make even the most uncomfortable person feel a little relaxed in front of the camera, her special expertise lies in capturing the perfect candid moments. cacti-cake-concrete-marble OIP_Fathers_day_shoot-26 Haven_OIP_Fathers_day_shoot-24 Haven_OIP_Fathers_day_shoot-27 Haven_OIP_Fathers_day_shoot-25 Haven_OIP_Fathers_day_shoot-29 Haven_OIP_Fathers_day_shoot-28 Haven_OIP_Fathers_day_shoot-17 Following lunch came presents! Because Dad's deserve to be pampered too, each Father was indulged with the most stunning collection of Luna Naturel items in a scent that we can only describe as the sexiest man you will ever meet. Perfectly presented, these luxurious and customized gifts including a perfume diffuser, marbled soap and matte finish candle emanate sophistication - and just seriously, you need to smell them! Each Family also received a giant marble balloon exclusive to Boutique Balloons Melbourne. Paired with black, white and silver tassels the balloons tied perfectly into our events theme and decor. Haven_OIP_Fathers_day_shoot-32 Haven_OIP_Fathers_day_shoot-30 Haven_OIP_Fathers_day_shoot-31 Haven_OIP_Fathers_Day_shoot-36 Haven_OIP_Fathers_day_shoot-19 Credits Concept and Styling: Oh It's Perfect Venue and Catering: Stables of Como Photography : Haven Still and Moving Images Furniture: Harry the Hirer Florist: Bespoke Botanics Stationary: PAPER Playground Cakes: Jo J Sweets Monochromatic cookies and meringues: Mr. Timothy James Array of desserts: Loryn Loves Gifts: Luna Naturel Balloons: Boutique Balloons SaveSave

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