7 Christmas Desserts to Impress

Christmas desserts have to take some of the blame for those extra few pounds we put on over the festive season. If you've over-indulged at Christmas lunch then why not go all the way and indulge at dessert time too. Here are some mouth-watering Christmas Desserts, like this cheesecake trifle in the glass from Woman's Day, that look so irresistible your guests won't be able to say "I'm too full".

1. Pavlova

Strawberries, cherries and raspberries - the red screams Christmas and what better pairing than the deep reds of berries with the creamy vanilla of pavlova. You can be creative and make mini-pavlovas for everyone, or make a big Xmas wreath, even a tiered Christmas Pavlova Tree will add a fun twist. berry pavlova

via The Whoot

Pavlova Xmas Tree

via Ina Paarman

Mini Pavlova

via Mon Cheri Bridals

2. Trifle

Everyone's favourite guilty pleasure. Put your trifle in a glass, make it into an iced trifle slice or make it a chocolate cheesecake trifle - as long as it has some Bailey's or Sherry - nobody will complain. Christmas trifle in a glass

via The Hungry Australian

Christmas Trifle slice

via Waitrose

Chocolate Trifle

via Who Needs a Cape

3. Figgy Pudding

Many will say it's not Christmas until the Figgy Pudding is on the table. To the non-Aussie readers, that's the Christmas Pudding. You can go with the traditional one or mini ones. figgy pudding

via Delia Online

Mini Figgy Pudding

via Gringalicious

4. Ice Cream

If you've got some little ones coming over at Christmas, look at these cute ice-cream treats. Too cute! Ice-cream reindeer

via Willow Day

Gingerbread icecream

via Cookie Dough and Oven Mitt

Christmas Sandwich Cake

via L'oca Smemorata

5. Brownies

If you need to add a few extra dishes to your dessert table - you can add some festive brownies. Christmas Brownies

via Your Cup of Cake

brownies for christmas

via Bageglad

6. White Christmas

Now you may not have heard of this one, us Aussies love it. It's definitely a waist-expanding treat. White chocolate, cherries, apricots and coconut...yum! White Christmas Rocky Road

via Wholesome Patisserie

7. Eggnog

Now, this may not be a dessert, as such, but it's Christmas so why not have an eggnog at dessert time too. egg nog

via The Wooden Skillet

If you're looking for some more dessert inspiration to get you started, we have a blog post dedicated to desserts.

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