8 Tips for Styling A Minimalist Wedding

When you think of minimal Wedding 'stark white' comes to mind or even empty spaces. Having a minimalist Wedding could be a way of saving some extra money while still achieving a gorgeous style that your guests will remember. This style wont date and can be achieved easily when you know how. There are some really clever ways of creating a simple design aesthetic that's not boring or all white. Designers and Stylists play around with textures, accent colours, and pairing back to the core of what simplicity really is. We have searched and found some stunning ways you can use styling elements to achieve a minimal look for your Wedding.

The Stationery - Choose the basics! A nice quality card stock and your finishing printing method. Research a professional printer and a stunning handmade paper. These come in a range of colours and textures, you don't have to settle for white. There are a number of different shades of white or cream or you could opt for a solid colour and matching envelope. There are a few different ways in which your stationery can be finished: digitally printed, pressed, or hot pressed. Choose a typography that is going to communicate to your guests what type of wedding that they will expect to attend. You will be seeing a lot more serif type faces on Wedding invitations as these are currently trending.

The Cake - The key to a minimalist cake is solid colour icing, whether it be a fondant or buttercream and the simple way in which its decorated. A topper or a sprig of your chosen flower is all that is needed. The icing could also be finished with a smooth surface, brush stroked using the buttercream or a soft pattern pressed into the fondant. This minimal detailing could be the finishing touch your cake needs.

The Ceremony - Start with a beautifully naturally lit space. Then add some greenery or flowers to frame your ceremony backdrop. The choice of chairs will tie everything in together nicely. You don't need a lot of decor or any at all to create a simple ceremony space.

The Bouquet - Choosing the same type of flower to fill your bouquet or the same colour can also work well. Size doesn't matter that much if the bouquet is in proportion to your outfit. Single stem flowers don't usually work and can feel awkward holding them whilst walking down the aisle. Try and limit the types of flowers you choose, adding a matching coloured ribbon can also finish off the bouquet nicely. Choose flowers that are in season as this can save you money.

The Dress - A simple Wedding dress doesn't mean a cheap Wedding dress. There are so many gorgeous minimal designs to choose from but you should always shop for your body type. Know what suits you and what features of your body shape you want to accentuate or hide. Here are some stunning minimal designs we love.

The Tablescapes - To create a minimalist tablescape for your wedding is to introduce block colourings and textures. Block colour could be your tablewares, cutlery, stationery or napery. You don't necessarily need flowers or foliage here but if you would like to add these in then single stem flowers could work.

The Signage - You don't need much to create some beautiful and effective wedding signage. It just needs to be clear and match in with your decor. Get creative with how its hung or how its placed.

The Extra Little Details - Simple Weddings don't have to be boring. Its the smallest details that make a Wedding special. You could try your hand at creating a flower filled backdrop or some over sized balloons. Cheering the happy couple on with some DIY confetti. All the little details count on creating the perfect minimalist celebration.

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